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    Mine is not a "cute" story either.

    Divorced for the second time and just ended an internet "relationship" with a guy in Australia my best friend decided I needed to met real flesh and blood guys. She worked in a truck stop and kept finding me truck drivers to meet. I went on a couple of dates that did not go anywhere and then she arranged for my Dad and I to come to dinner and the truck stop. Well the guy she wanted me to meet didn't show so the next time she sent him to my house.

    He was a 41 year old that had never been in a serious relationship. Yikes! But he is solid all the way through. His Dad died when Lou was 17 and he took care of him Mom, he works hard and he is steady.

    I actually made lists about what I liked aout him and what I didn't and could I live with it. Did I mention he was 41 and had habits set in concrete? LOL

    When he proposed I was not in love with him and tried to leave the room because I did not know if I could do the whole married thing again, but I said yes.

    I was following him through town one day (I cant remember why we were in separate cars) when I got this gooey mushy feeling thing and realized I loved him. HA Took long enough. We have been married 13 years and I still love him. Amazing.

    He also adopted my daughter and has been her Dad like the ex never was.
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