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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    The wedding even made it onto Pinterest via a blog post! We had an awesome photographer. Here's pics:
    Your wedding photos are beautiful!

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    All these stories are so wonderful to read!

    Ren, your parents' story is lovely! Such a cool coincidence!

    MrsH, thank you for posting that link! Your wedding looked just gorgeous! I can't believe you pulled that all off in just 2 months!

    Ottilie, yay for wedding planning mode!

    I met my husband four years ago this week, at a bar... But we had gone to the same high school. He was the year ahead of me and we didn't know each other. Seven years after I graduated, I was visiting some friends in the provincial capital (about an hour from where I was living). Steve already lived in that city, and we both happened to end up in the same place. One of his friends recognized me, so Steve came up to me and asked if I went to X school. We danced to my favourite song, and then went our separate ways. He looked me up in the yearbook (apparently I hadn't changed at all), and then on Facebook where he sent me the sweetest message referencing our dance. We messaged through the summer even though I was a bit of a jerk to him, until I moved to the city to do my Masters and he asked me out. He proposed 17 months later, and we were married 16 months after that, this past fall. He is the funniest person I've ever met and keeps me grounded and from taking things too seriously. And I make him think about things like babies and names!

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    MrsH, what a gorgeous wedding, and you are beautiful by the way. My husband and I got married on Halloween so I especially love your October wedding.
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    MrsH, what a beautiful story and lovely pictures! I feel a bit like kindred spirits since we both met our husbands online when we were about to quit online dating, and I also had a very short engagement (4 months for me). One of my best friends spent 18 months at KAF (she was a civilian but is now joining the air force), and I have the utmost respect for anyone who has served on deployment.
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    I'm always a sucker for romance and these stories are lovely!

    @missusaytch your wedding kind of reminds me of my own, except maybe without all the pumpkins! We did our's DIY too! I wish there was pinterest back then, I would have been all over it. Your's looked like a beautiful wedding!

    Anyway, our long and somewhat cliched, yet cute and warm story goes like this...

    We met at orientation day at our Boarding School at 11 years old, typical childhood sweethearts! Our little crush on each other was incredibly innocent, but lasted years.

    I remember the school disco, it would have been when I was about 14, all the girls got dressed up and I wore make-up for the first time ever. A week before Jack tentatively asked me if I'd go with him, I was so embarrassed, I said yes but didn't speak to him for the whole night! Towards the end I was waiting outside the bathrooms for my friends when Jack walked out of the male bathrooms. He looked me up and down and said "Well, you look nice tonight", I didn't say anything and he just walked away. I remember thinking, "well aren't you an idiot Lila!". Flip! To this day I can still remember the butterflies I got in my stomach that night!

    Although we both harbored feelings for each other, we stayed "friends" for the majority of high school, I dated other boys but Jack never had a girlfriend, he had "girls" but not a serious girlfriend, a complete player! However, in year 12, when we were 18 I'd just broken up with my boyfriend of a year. Jack asked me out. I recall what he said like it was yesterday, something like this "Lila. So, I kind of really like you. Actually no, I think I might possibly maybe actually love you. Oh my god, I just said that. Anyway, I know you just dumped Sean but I feel like I should sort of jump in. So do you think, maybe, that you might like to possibly go out with me? If you don't want to it's fine, but I though because I've liked you for so long that if I didn't ask I never would and well I think I'd regret that so what do you say Napier?". My response was incredibly classy... "Sh*t!". I was stunned but ended up saying yes. We shared our first kiss that day, man my face still lights up when I think about it!

    We dated for 4 years before he asked me to marry him. He's a real man's man so I'd always though either he'd leave it up to me or ask me like it was nothing. But he didn't, thankfully. He took me to a disco, this time we danced together. His little recreation of our year 8 disco was incredibly cute. He bent down on one knee and asked me in his casual, relaxed way "So what do you say Napier, wanna marry me?" It was perfectly us, laid back, but overly cheesy!

    We got married 15 months later, I had dreamed about my wedding for years and years. Total wedding nut right here! I knew what I wanted right down to where I would source the tables for the reception. It's sounds so crazy when I see it written down. Our wedding was perfect, well for me it was! We got married in the same church that my parents did and our reception was in our wool shed. I wore cowboy boots with my dress, the comfiest wedding shoes out there! It was rustic, down to earth and romantic, with candles and flowers everywhere, a mix of the both of us!

    2 years later we got pregnant with Bugsy, and the rest is history!

    Our relationship was ridiculously drawn out, but it was fun and I'm glad I've know my husband for so long, I know him better than anyone else!

    OK, I'll stop. Sorry, that was so drawn out and long, just like Jack and I. Once I get started I find it hard to stop! I'll go now!

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