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    I'm an Aussie, from Brisbane.
    My husband and I met in 2001, when we were in grade 11 (second to last year of high school). His best friend had dated my best friend in grade 10, my best friend set up my MSN chat list for me and just copied everyone from her list.
    So one day I was bored on MSN chat and asked him who he was. He told me and I asked him if he was in the year below us, no turns out he was in my year! I then ask him what classes he took, he said graphics, chemistry and physics, I asked him if he was in the other chemistry class, yes he was. I then asked him if he was also in the other physics class, no... He is in my class! Of about 20 people! I had never noticed him before! I had a friend point him out the next day!
    We became fast friends and went to our senior formal together the next year.
    For Uni, in 2003, we both started at UQ.
    I studied science and he studied Engineering and we car pooled everyday.
    In 2004, he went over seas for the summer and I was so sad to see him leave for so long! When he got back it felt like there had been a shift in our relationship, he later said that he'd meet a lot of people, but could not talk to any of then lie he could talk to me.
    We started officially dating in June 2005 after an interesting camping trip.
    We moved in together in 2007.
    He proposed in a cottage at Montville in March 2008!
    We were married in May 2010.
    We travelled to 24 countries in 6 months on our honeymoon.
    And had our first bub in June 2011 (our honeymoon baby).
    Please excuse any typos I typed this on my iPhone!

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