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    Great thread! I'm loving all the stories.

    My husband and I met while we were a part of a Christian acting group. I had just joined and didn't notice him at first because I was meeting so many new people. For almost a year, he wasn't even on my radar which in hindsight I find amusing since he's 6' 3" and burly. Finally I started noticing him, because he was slightly weird and confusing. He had a very strong personality and was a bit of a loner, but to my surprise I was slowly drawn to his firm, passionate opinions and commanding demeanor. This is surprising when you realize that I have a very fun loving, happy go lucky personality. Of course, now that I'm older I'm more grounded and practical, but this is my default mindset, and especially back then I looked at everything through rose-colored glasses. Though I suppose as the saying goes, opposites attract.
    Anyway, the drama group had a camping retreat and it was during this time that I realized that I had grown to have feelings for him. Nothing definite, just a look here and a conversation there. I remember thinking, "I really like this man's work ethic and faith." After that he began coming over to my house all the time. We started officially courting and 6 months later he asked me to marry him. Now my husband isn't very romantic, so he literally popped the question while I was loading the dishwasher, and he didn't have a ring. We still laugh about it and I'm actually glad that he didn't have a ring because I was able to personally pick mine out. The only thing remotely romantic about his proposal was that it was on New Year's Day, though honestly I don't think that was planned.
    We were married on a beautiful, summer day in a garden surrounded by family and friends. Fast-forward 2 1/2 years and we have a wonderful, little boy and a baby on the way. Obviously my story isn't Hollywood material, but we are definitely the best of friends and I love him to pieces!
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    This is a perfect Valentine's Day thread! I'm a hopeless romantic, so reading all these beautiful stories is a delightful treat ^_^

    The beginning of our relationship was sort of a comedy of the time I was still with my abusive ex, and he was crushing on my best friend, a closet lesbian, who he met in a hurricane in the middle of an Ohio cornfield. I was planning to surprise my best friend by visiting her at university, and I recruited him to pick me up at the airport and drive me to the school…I was shy around him because we'd only ever spoken on chat, in passing. I spent a week at the university, getting to know her crazy beautiful group of friends, and he and I really connected…like that deep, instant, soulish connection. His intense blue eyes, the way he communicated, the way he wasn't afraid to be emotional, how strong and fast and half-wild he was… This was an eclectic group, really into martial arts and archaic forms of combat, and they built an obstacle course in the local park. When it was his turn to run the course, he blasted through it and didn't stop…he kept running straight at me, literally swept me off my feet, and ran all the way across the field with me in his arms…I could hear his heart pounding and that carefree laugh rumbling in his chest…in hindsight, I think that was when I fell in love. I had all these reasons why I wasn't really drawn to him and it was all just a mistake: misplaced loyalty to my boyfriend, his feelings for my friend, our age difference (I'm two years older, which at college age made me feel like a cougar!) the long-distance thing, etc. So when I went back to my "normal life" we stayed in contact, just as friends. Friends who think about each other all the time. And chat all the time. And have phone conversations until 3 am all the time. Nothing weird about that, nope!

    He was there for me when I finally found the strength to wrench myself out of that destructive relationship. He was there for me when I was too stubborn to go back home, living by myself in the scary part of town, thousands of miles from anyone who cared. He was there for me when I took a "vow of singleness" for a year to get my crap together, refusing to be in a relationship until I was no longer so damaged. He pursued me so gently, waited so patiently, loved me unconditionally even while I was careening around my life making terrible decisions and suffering the consequences. He was my rock, my best friend, the one person who knew everything about me and never judged me, never left me. And when that year was up, he showed up on my doorstep with a moving truck and brought me here to the most beautiful place on earth, waited a few months to get his family used to my presence in his life, took me to an antique store and bought me the most exquisitely beautiful ring, proposed to me in a park with the same name as the university we met, and married me a year later on the summer solstice, a casual beach ceremony with our families and that same crazy beautiful group of friends in attendance.

    We will have been married 8 months next Friday. He's my everything.
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    All of these are adorable to read!

    I met my husband on my auntie's wedding day when i was 17 years old. I was her bridesmaid and she had employed a make-up artist to come to her house and get us all ready before the ceremony. There was a knock on the door and I went to answer it and there he was; tall dark and handsome even though he couldn't have been older than 18. Even though I was so young at the time I knew he was definitely someone I wanted to get to know better. It turned out that he is the brother of the make-up artist and had come to drop off her phone that she had left in his car. My auntie invited him, we got talking and never looked back.

    The proposal came after 6 years together. It was my 23rd birthday and all my family were round for dinner at our place. It started snowing outside so we all went out to watch. Then completely out of the blue he was down on one knee and asking me to be his wife. My mum and both my younger sisters were crying which started me off and I said yes without any hesitation. Now we have the two most beautiful twins I could ever have imagined and still look at each other the same way we did on that first meeting when I opened my auntie's front door. He is the best thing that ever happened to me

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    @futuremom can you please spin your ridiculous fantasies somewhere else? In multiple posts your adoptive son is "one year one week old," then he's one week old. And he and the fetal twins will sleep in triple bunk beds?

    You can't be a year apart and have one of you matriculate in college and the other matriculate in law school.

    Why was an Australian kid walking around a US amusement park at age 8?

    And how nice of your adoptive father to return to the "African" [anyone who's lived in Africa, myself included, refers to the country in which they lived, not the continent] village to continue your parents' noble, unspecified work.

    This is a baby name site which does not at all require one to be married, partnered, pregnant etc to discuss names. Just be who you are, or else join a writers forum if you want to construct rather flimsy, ludicrous fantasy selves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by futuremom View Post
    My parents died on furlogh in the US when I was fifteen and I was taken in as legally responsible by a man I now call dad.
    What sort of tragic event left you and your five siblings (mentioned elsewhere) orphaned?

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