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    I've been with my boyfriend since I was 13 and he was 15
    He had a huge crush on my best friend. The three of us used to hang out and she was kind of mean to him and long story short, I got him in the end. the summer before freshmen year.
    now, skipping a few years of the story, we are saving up together for a house!
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    These are so cute!

    We met for the first time at a gallery opening in London in the autumn of 2008. I was absolutely intrigued by him, he was so beautiful and intense and strange, but I was in a serious relationship with someone else so nothing happened. We did have some friends in common, so we met a few times a year here and there, at parties, gallery openings, exhibitions, and I was always magnetically drawn to him, I could sense him when I walked into a room he was before I really knew he was there. I eventually left the man I was living with (2010) and moved across town. On my first day of utter freedom when I went to the shop, I ran into him. So we went to the pub and talked and I fell madly in love. However, I was a little scared by him. Not scared maybe, but he's so intense and moody and I felt intimidated, I'm bipolar and 2010 was a bad year for me. (My boyfriends up to this point had been a completely different type than him, which is a good thing for I always got involved with the wrong kind.) So it took us another year to get together. When we did, I moved in with him straight away. And one year later I got pregnant. He is my favourite person in the world, he's so interesting, warm, unpredictable, loving, sweet, good, kind and funny. Smart and beautiful too! I can talk to him about anything and everything. He accepts and loves my quirks and flaws, as I do his.
    We come from pretty similar backgrounds, he's a little fancier than me (his father's a lord), we're both artists (well, he is, I'm working on it) and we both come from big, loud, interfering families. The only thing this far is that we have different views on marriage. But all in all, I think I'm very very lucky.
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    Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

    Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday for two special reasons.

    Back in my single days, I had this friend who was always trying to set me up with guys she knew. I usually said "no", but there was this one guy she was obsessed with having me meet. She swore that he was absolutely perfect for me, and since Valentine's Day was a couple of weeks away, I finally agreed. It beat being alone on the most romantic day of the year, right? Unfortunately, a few days before V-Day, I came down with a TERRIBLE case of the flu and had to cancel. We made vague plans to try again once I felt better, but when Valentine's Day came, he totally surprised me by showing up at my place that night with a beautiful bouquet of roses and chicken noodle soup from the restaurant where we were supposed to have our date! Though he didn't stay long -- I didn't want him to get sick, too -- I thought it was really sweet of him to come by. And even though I certainly didn't make the best impression in my pajamas and unbrushed hair, he still wanted to go on our make-up date, which we did a couple weeks later. It turned out my friend was right. We hit it off right away, and a year later, on Valentine's Day, he proposed over dinner at the same restaurant we were supposed to go to the previous year!

    Now it's our V-Day tradition to go to that same restaurant and order the chicken noodle soup.

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    You guys have made me a weepy mess over here! So many wonderful stories.

    My story is kind of broken into two parts: high school and college. DH and I met through his girlfriend at the time (who had also been my neighbor and friend for years before this). She introduced him to me when I was ushering for on of our high school plays. A couple of weeks later, she broke up with him. Fast forward a month and I'm working as a stage manager for the talent show and he was one of the acts. Most of my theater tech friends (including the neighbor friend) came over afterward to play pool, games, etc. He and I were clearly harboring crushes on one another. So, the neighbor/ex-girlfriend had the same group over a week or two later and while getting coffee before going to her house, she called him to tell him I liked him. He was shy and I realized he was never going to ask me out, so I asked him. Totally cliche high school romance, I think .

    He started college less than a year after we started dating and that took some adjustment for us both. We talked about dating other people but never ended up going through with it. I ended up going to the same school and that came with its ups and downs too, but by my junior year, he knew I was the one for him and proposed. My best friend was in town from school, so we all went to her house to spend time together. After dinner, we went to pick up a couple of movies from my house to watch and while DH and I went to my room to retrieve them, my dear bestie decided she'd sit with my parents and wait for us. I should have known! While looking at the movies, I turn around to ask him something and he's down on one knee and he pops the question. I come to find out that they were in on it together. She had helped him find out the type of ring I wanted and apparently was miserable trying to keep her mouth shut . Now, we've been together for almost 11 years (and almost 6 years of marriage). He's my polar opposite and complete equal in all the right ways .
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    Quote Originally Posted by caitlinanne View Post
    he handed me a box with seven cupcakes, all with letters on them but it didn't spell out a real word. He told me I had to figure out what it was and he gave me one clue, that were was two words. On my first attempt I spelt out Rem Army but then I tried again and spelt out the word Marry and then E and M were left and a quickly put them in order and looked at him and smiled and said Yes.
    aww, that's super cute! I would have loved that one!

    DH and I are both from California, but we met in Geneva, Switzerland on a tour arranged by our universities alumni association.
    We spent weeks as the only young, unmarried people in the group and really clicked.
    We were married less than a year later.
    I like and love him more every day
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