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    Your Love Story?

    I suppose it's because Valentine's Day is upon us, but I've been wondering lately about all of your significant others, and would love to know your love stories. Any sweet romance stories out there? The majority of us on the forums are married or in serious relationships, and I would love to hear how you met and fell in love. Was it love at first sight? Were you sworn enemies until something wonderful happened? Did you overcome major obstacles to be together? I would be interested to hear what kinds of love stories are among us.
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    Mine's not really that spectacular but I will telling it anyway. We first met in a train station in Glasgow. We looked over at each other a smiled, nothing more. I was living in a flat in Glasgow at the time with some of my good friends that I had known since I was younger. One of my friends was a bit of a party maniac so she used to take me to some weird parties. It was later in the night and me and my friend decided to go to a party at one of her friend's house. I hadn't been in a serious relationship for a couple of years and she was always trying to hook be up with boys but I never went with any of them. So basically I met the boy I had smiled at in the Station again at the party and we dated for a couple of years and then one evening after we got home from a meal out he handed me a box with seven cupcakes, all with letters on them but it didn't spell out a real word. He told me I had to figure out what it was and he gave me one clue, that were was two words. On my first attempt I spelt out Rem Army but then I tried again and spelt out the word Marry and then E and M were left and a quickly put them in order and looked at him and smiled and said Yes. (I know it's a little chessy but everyone loves a little bit of cheese!) We married at my favourite beach in Harris and the sun was shining and it was all I could have wished for. It wasn't a big wedding just close friends and family (we both have big families though!) We had our twins after being married for two years and we have recently brought home another little boy. I can truly say I married my best friend and I don't now what I would be doing if I didn't have him and our boys.

    Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I can be a bit clumsy at the best of times. Can't wait to hear everyones stories!
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    Cute idea!

    My freshman year of college, the guy I liked and I were set to be in a video for an upcoming campus talent show, doing silly interviews with teachers and students. My friend was supposed to be shooting it, but when I showed up for the shoot, it wasn't Jon waiting for me. It was a guy who looked an awful lot like him, though, and it was no surprise to find out that Tim was Jon's brother. We hit it off, and then I just kept running into him everywhere on campus after that, even though he lived off campus. I ended up showing up for the talent show with Ben (the guy I liked), getting separated at some point, and hanging out with Tim the entire night. Fast forward four years. Tim and I were all snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. He hit PLAY, and it was a montage of goofy video clips from the day we met, with a message at the end asking if I would marry him. And let me just say that while a video like that would take about 20 minutes to make with today's tech, eight years ago, there were tapes and lots of editing involved! Anyway, I think you know my answer We've been married almost seven years, and I can't imagine my life without him, and now, our amazing little girl.
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    Those stories made me smile. I love happy endings.

    My sweetheart and I met in an unconventional way. We "met" online through an online game 8 years ago. He worked with a friend of mine who lived 3,000 miles away, and the three of us would group up a lot to play. I was the designated healer of our group and it was my job to keep everyone alive. I'd sometimes let Kevin die on purpose because he was such a sarcastic ass. I grew to appreciate his biting humor and began healing him. Anyway, one evening we were playing alone and he asked if he could have my number. It took me by surprise but I agreed. We ended up talking for 3 hours.

    Over the next couple of years we started talking exclusively to each other. A lot. It was the strangest feeling, because we both felt like we were in a relationship, but we'd never met and had 3,000 miles between us. At the time, he was doing environmental work and was working on a Beluga whale project. In retrospect, it was while listening to him describe the whales that I fell in love.

    Anyway, my great-grandmother died while I was in the room with her, and before she died she said to me "if I knew my life would end like this, I would have done everything differently." She died in a lot of pain, and it was horrifying to me that she'd died with such regret. I went home that night and bought a ticket to see Kevin, knowing that one way or another it was time to decide whether we were in a relationship or just very good online friends.

    The moment I saw him as I was coming down the escalator in the airport my heart tumbled and I knew we were in a relationship. I ended up staying up here, and that was almost 5 years ago. He's most definitely my best friend.
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    So many cute stories! Sweet idea, alzora, remember to share your story too!

    Mine isn't all that adorable...we met through a series of misadventures our first weekend of college (be careful talking to strangers, kids!) and ended up merging our little friend groups and staying out most of the night. My roommates thought he was cute (I was interested in one of the other guys from that night) and he swore my name was Clare the next time we met up (it's not). Over the course of the year we both dated and broke up with other people, became best friends along the way, and ended up in kind of an on-and-off thing by the end of the year. We started actually dating the following August, a little over a year after we first met.

    9 years later, we'll have been married for 4 this spring and are expecting our first little one.

    The funny part is out of that group that met in the middle of the night, we've had 3 weddings so far!

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