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    Am I right to be concerned about letting her go?

    Ellie came home from school a couple of weeks ago with an invite to a friend's birthday party, to go to the cinema and then go to Pizza Hut. I initially told her she could go, presuming an adult would be with the group at all times. A couple of days ago I discovered that the child's mother would be taking them to the cinema, leaving them there to watch the film and then meet them after to walk them to the restaurant where they would be on a table on their own. The cinema and restaurant are in a big shopping centre, and the mother will be doing her Christmas shopping while the children are in the cinema. My daughter is nine, one of the oldest in her class due to when her birthday falls. Some of her friends are eight.

    The birthday girl's mother doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with leaving a group of six eight and nine year olds on their own in a busy shopping centre close to Christmas. I know my daughter has to learn to be without an adult around all the time at some point, but I don't think this is the best situation for it. Am I being overly paranoid or am I right to be reluctant to let her go if the children are unsupervised?
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    With the strange and disturbing events happening to children all the time, I would be concerned as well. Is there any way that you could go in her place and supervise the children when they're in the cinema? If not and there won't be a responsible adult present, I wouldn't let her go either. The theatre may have rules regarding child supervision. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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    I could, but I would have to take my two year old with me, as his father will be at work. I'm not sure how many of the other children's parents are aware they will be unsupervised; the girl told her friends and it was only because I overheard Ellie and one of the other girls who is going to the party talking about it on the way home from school that I found out. I asked the mother of the birthday girl about it the next day and she said that her daughter had asked if they could go to the cinema on their own, and she saw nothing wrong with it as they would be in the same place for two hours rather than walking around.
    My two point four children, Elodie and Caspian and BabyBean

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    Will there be a cell phone arrangement between the group and the occasionally supervising mother?
    Does your child know what to do if things go wrong?
    Is it a family friendly restaurant?
    Are the other kids likely to get overexcited and do something reckless like wander off alone?

    If it was a good group of kids who would look out for each other and were mature enough to understand some basic personal safety, who weren't going anywhere there wasn't a crowd and with a hotline to an nearby responsible adult, then it would be somewhat safer than without.
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    I'm not a parent so I actually don't know what I'd do in your place. But is it a family/children's movie- likely to be a lot of families, kids with or without their parents, around? How safe is your city or town- it'd be much safer in a small town of 2000 where they could easily run into someone they know rather than, say, New York City or London.

    Does Ellie (or even another girl going) have an older cousin or something who could go with them, someone the girls would find "cool" and find it fun to have along? I remember how excited I was the first time I got to go somewhere without adults, even though I'm sure your kids love having you around! Check with the birthday girl and her mother first, of course. Or could you find a babysitter for your son?
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