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    My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year and a half. I met him my senior year of high school when I was hanging out with his best friend Tyler. We took a trip to the local Staples so Ty could buy a new computer chair, and that's where Justin worked at the time. He introduced himself and we hung out for a little while then left. He made us wait to go get some Dunkin so he could come after work. Then they both dropped me off at my house and played with my puppy outside. That night I got a call from Justin asking if I wanted to go bowling with him and their friends. I figured he was just calling because Tyler was driving or something. Then I got in the car and Tyler was in the front seat and Justin was in the back, but I didn't think anything of it cause I was clueless. Anyway, we hung out everyday for hours at the beach just walking and talking. I found out that he was enlisted in the Navy and leaving for boot camp in 6 months so we didn't really know what to do. But on the third day of hanging out he said "show your sailor some love" and I said "well you're not really myyyy sailor" and he said, "can I be?" I know, I know superrrr cheesy but it was the best day ever

    Now we've been in a long distance relationship for over a year. He's stationed in DC which is about 8-9 hours away from me but we make it work. It's pretty easy when you love someone that much. We're just kinda in a waiting stage to get engaged now because his sister is engaged and not having the wedding until next June, so we gotta wait our turn. I just can't wait to never leave his side again cause saying good bye is damn hard.
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    All off these stories make my heart melt!!!

    Ok, so this is my story - and I apologise for any mistakes as I'm writing this on my phone. It was February 2005 and I was a 20 yr old student living in a house with 5 other people who'd going to University. I'd not long got out of a relationship and was loving the single life. We decided to have a party (no reason, just an excuse for a bunch of young people to get together and drink far too much...). One of my roommates asked if it would be ok if she invited her older brother (he was 22 at this point) as he and his wife had split up and he needed a good night out. Of course we said more the merrier! At this point people had started to arrive and drinks were being poured when she added that someone would have to go pick him up, and as I was the only one with a car guess who had to go? So we waited around until he texted to say he was ready and I was getting really annoyed as I wasn't drinking with everyone else knowing I had to drive.

    Finally we headed out to go get her brother and I was really impatient at this point just wanting to get back to the party and have a good time! I barely noticed him when he got in the car (beyond his blue blue eyes which are hard to miss!). Anyway, we finally joined the party and I actually started chatting to him and he was a nice guy, next thing you know he started texting me from across the room after stealing my number from his sisters phone he didn't end up going home that night... What made it even better was when my mum and aunt turned up the next morning and found us cuddled up on the couch, and my aunt to question what James was doing there... Turns out he worked for my aunt and uncle... He later confessed that he knew exactly who I was when I picked him up as he'd noticed me at his work before and he'd always thought I was cute.

    We had a very casual relationship for a couple of months, neither of us looking or even wanting anything serious... We were on the same page even then because we both stopped texting each other around about the same time. Fast forward a month and I missed him so invited him to another party we were throwing. We ended up spending the whole night in my room talking and admitted that the reason we'd stopped texting was because we were falling for each other and casual just wasn't working. We became a couple that night

    We moved in together about 6 months later and he told me he was going to marry me one day, and I told him that when he asked I'd say yes but he had to get divorced first (he was 20 when he got married the first time and it lasted only 18 months). We'd been together almost 2 years when the divorce became final and on our 2 year anniversary he proposed he was going to do it over dinner at our fave restaurant but chickened out and instead got down on one knee in the parking building at the movie theatre, I said yea, and then we saw the first Transformers movie.

    We got married on Valentines Day 2009 surround by 110 of our nearest and dearest today we've been married for 4 years, together for almost 8. We have 2 fur babies, our kitty cats McGee & Angel, and our 1st child on the way.

    Life is good!
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    We met the first day of 9th grade, dated for a few months in 10th grade then "broke up". Went to diffetent college's and reconnected as friends when we were 20 (since we lived in the same town) . I was actually seriously dating a guy for over 2 years at that point and continued to date him for about another yeatr and a half. Andy and I would email, hang out (usually in groups) over breaks and one day we just decided we were meant to be. Will be married 12 years in august.
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    All your stories are so great! Our is not so romantic, we college in school 3 years ago. I immediately felt in love and I guess he also did(he nevers admits though and says he only wanted to know where did I get my shirt) but he didn't know how to get my attention. So he started making some silly jokes and tried to get my number. Actually, we both were in relationship(I had a long-time boyfriend and he just made a new girlfriend) but soon after it I dumped my boyfriend and J(my current BF) asked me out(I guess my bestie told him, otherwise I just don't know how he got to know this).
    I really wasn't in the mood to go out but he turned on all his charms and soon I felt for him. J is very caring, loyal and funny so being with him is marvellous. He is also very handsome(on our first date I said he looked like Noah Miles but he just laughed) so I am pleased when other women look at me with envy, ha ha. That's amazing how we love the same things - basketball, drawing, horror films and so on. The only thing he does not share with me is name obsession and it drives him crazy sometimes("When will you get tired of your names?"). I am slightly bad-tempered so we fell out a lot during my first months but now I am learning how to deal with that stuff and we are very very happy together. I think I am really lucky to be with such a great guy(he is a totall sweetheart,really). We anxiously awaiting for our first born due in May and plan on getting married one day.
    BTW, I love these thread! So many cute stories,I am happy for all you guys.

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    I thought I might include my parent's story since its quite romantic (and I haven't met that 'special' someone just yet).

    They met when they were overseas touring New Zealand. It was a bus tour, and my dad had been on that tour for a couple days before he met my mum. Apparently there was this thing, that if you did something silly or stupid the day before you had to wear a dummy around your neck the next day...And of course the very day my mum meets my dad he has the dummy around his neck. During the tour they become fast friends, and when it was over they knew they had special feelings for each other. They swapped details and went home(to different places in Australia).

    But apparently my dad couldn't stop thinking about her and decides to visit her. They were together for 7 months before my dad proposed, and well the rest is history.

    Recently I found out my mum went to two fortune tellers before she met dad (this was six months before) and they got all the details right though it was very vague.

    She would meet him in a place surrounded by water and mountains---New Zealand [check]
    The Number 6 is their special number---Both my parents are born on the 6th (different months) and there is a 6 year age difference [check]
    They would have 2 children---My brother and I [check]
    They would live in a tall white house with huge trees---their first house [check]

    Although the details are very vague, its funny how they all match up
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