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    I met my husband during a high school retreat the May of my freshman and his sophomore year. Since we lived about 70 miles away from one another (a big distance for high schoolers!), we exchanged emails and began chatting online nightly. We met every three months or so at various retreats and began seriously dating about a year after we initially met. For the rest of high school, he would drive about 1.5 hours each way to see me every Saturday (and worked during the week to pay for the gas!). Well, I showed my gratitude by deciding to go to college 3000 miles away! We were able to get through our four year long(er) distance relationship and stay together. After we finished our undergraduate degrees we moved in together and were married two years later.
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    Mine's not exactly romantic, more odd and weird than anything else, but here it goes!

    We met in a club on my 18th birthday, I was all alone, because my best friend was with her current boyfriend (now husband). He came up to me, and started flirting relentlessly, and I thought he was extremely annoying, but agreed to dance with him, in hopes of shutting him up. He asked me for my number and said he'd text me sometime, so I wasn't sure what would happen from there. The next morning, he asked me out on a date, and from there, we fell in love, and have been together ever since The cutest, was how he proposed. We became engaged when Felicity was 18 months old, and we were trying for another baby at this point. We were in New York City on a holiday with Felicity, and in Shakespeare's Garden, Central Park (which has been my favourite place in the world since I was 15), he proposed. He's normally a bit shy about how he feels, and doesn't like to share it, but, this time, he entirely opened up, and told me everything, how much he loved being with me, and how, the day Felicity was born, he fell in love with me all over again, and he loved her more than anything (he chose this moment to be soppy haha) and then, he asked me to marry him. I think I actually ended up crying! We're now happily engaged, planning our wedding, and expecting baby number 2

    Sorry that's not the most romantic thing, haha.
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    These are all so sweet, what a great post!

    I met my husband at the beginning of my senior year of high school (when I was 17). I had just moved there (well, we still live "there", so really it's "here"!) and didn't really know anyone at the school, which had more than 3,000 people. Coming from a school with about 250 people, it was a huge change for me and I was pretty shy the entire year. We had English together the last period of the day. I had started the school year a couple days late and so almost all of the seats were already taken. When I got to the class, the teacher made me stand at the front of the room until everyone had taken their seats so that she could see what seat was still free (this was mortifying for me, of course, as I was the shy new girl who didn't want to be seen!). The only seat left was between Dan (my husband) and another (extremely annoying!) guy. I distinctly remember Dan introducing himself to me right when I sat down and shaking my hand. Anyways, we talked some and joked around throughout the year but weren't friends or anything. He was the outgoing, smart-alecky guy in our class and I was the shy new girl- our paths didn't really cross. Near the end of the year (a year in which we had only talked outside of class a couple times to hi to each other in the halls), he came up to me after class and asked me out. I was totally taken off guard and said yes. We dated through that summer and college- I was going to school in Chicago and he in Milwaukee (we went to high school in the Chicago suburbs), so we were only about 2 hours apart. He proposed at the end of our senior year in college, right by a statue with the same name as our high school English classroom (let me clear this up: our HS English classroom was a specific classroom in our high school & had a name that everyone knew it by, so the statue had the same name as the classroom where we met). We are now married, have three beautiful kids and are expecting twins.
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    SO and I casually dated over the course of a few months when I got knocked up. We hadn't been actively dating when I found out either. Things were tense for a while but a few weeks before she was born he decided to become more involved and was there for the birth. After that, he hung around almost everyday, wanting to help me. He would stay overnight sometimes but nothing would happen. There was still something there but neither of us wanted to just jump into it too soon. We didn't want to be one of those couples that forced anything just because we had a baby together.
    A few months later, we realized that even when we would spend time away from the baby together, we had lots to talk about and things in common apart from Rowan. I genuinely liked his personality and he was like a whole new person now that he was a dad. Whereas before, we never committed to anything because we both were enjoying the single life too much.
    So we decided to be exclusive and see where this could go. We were done sowing our wild oats so to speak. Haha
    Still together a year later now, living together, and baby #2 due in a few weeks.
    No plans for marriage in the near future. Maybe in a few years, but for now, we're just enjoying being together, labels or no.
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    It all started with a game of musical chairs. I kid you not. We were down to him and I. I was going to win. WIN! I never win at anything! Just as I sat down, he hip-checked me off the chair and I flew halfway across the church basement. (Not fair as he was in post-bootcamp shape!) He went to help me up and well, the rest as they say is history. He said that night that if when I was 30, there was no one in the picture, he'd marry me. I thought he was crazy, but here I am 30 and I'm marrying him so I think he wasn't so crazy. Lol. We have such a cheesy story.
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