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    Such cute stories! I'm loving them! I actually initially had my story written out in my original post, but then I decided that if nobody else added their stories, I would feel weird just having my love story all alone in a thread for all to see, so I took it out until there were some posts. Here's our little tale:

    My own love story is nothing remarkable (though special to me!), but we had a pretty simple beginning. I met my husband four years ago at a church event. He was about 25, I was 21. Good conversationalist, sense of humor, intelligent, good listener...he hit every item on my mental list. His blue eyes were astounding--so blue they were almost clear, and he still gets comments from complete strangers out in public--and his witty sarcasm rivaled my own (I had never before found a guy who could keep up with my witty cracks). Our story has that typical plot line of most love stories: talked, added each other on Facebook (if Shakespeare wrote his romance plays today, he would have to mention the Facebook Phase of relationships), chatted on Facebook every night, swapped cell numbers (and when we did, I told him very frankly that he would need to upgrade his plan to unlimited texting, which he promptly and wisely did the next day ), texted daily, began confiding in each other, spent hours on the phone, entered a serious relationship over Red Lobster's cheesy biscuits, got engaged in my beloved university's cyber cafe where I still worked as an alum. Exactly two months to the day after we got engaged, I was in a car accident. For three days it was unclear whether I would survive. When it became clear that I would survive, it remained uncertain whether I would be mentally handicapped, or whether I would ever walk again. This remained in question for about two and a half weeks. I don't think you can call this an obstacle to our relationship (apart from my nearly dying), because it was obvious throughout the ordeal that he was not about to leave my side no matter what the outcome. His colors were clear. He would have spoon-fed me for the rest of my days if he had to, though thankfully my recovery was a complete one. Ten months after my accident, I was able to walk unassisted and without limping down the aisle to my best friend. I am now in a phase of life where I am happier and more peaceful than I have ever been, and we are trying to conceive our first (we'll see if this broken body is capable; much has been reconstructed but doctors gave the green light). We bought a little house, and got a Wheaten terrier puppy and named him Bing (we call him "our son"). My husband still treats me like a princess almost two years after our wedding. He still opens the car door for me. I am his first waking thought in the morning. On days when I have to go somewhere, he silently schedules his mornings around cleaning the snow off my car and making sure there is enough gas in my tank. He will get up on a freezing cold Saturday morning and drive my car down to the gas station to top it off before I am even up and showered. I've never once asked him to do that. He doesn't let a day go by without reminding me in some way that I am his princess. Not even two years married and he could already give husbands lessons on how to love their wives. I love that we have smiles and laughter in our home; I grew up in a very happy home, but my husband did not, so I love being able to make him laugh every day. As much as I want children, I am reveling in our honeymoon phase. That boy makes me feel like a star.
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    My husband and I were both Americans studying at Oxford, and our circles overlapped, though I thought he was a little unadventuresome for me. We both became friends with a Lebanese monk who invited us (with others) on a trip to Lebanon and Syria to visit monasteries and churches of artistic, historical and architectural significance. Surprise surprise, such a trip doesn't attract many people under 50 who aren't also monks, so we ended up spending 3 weeks talking as we tooled around the rural Middle East.

    He came down with a parasitic infection and I took care of him (I was a parasitologist at the time). I admired his brilliance, his extreme intellectual passion, and found we agreed on almost everything politically, religiously and philosophically (though he ran rings around my philosophically). He was also sweet, vulnerable, and uncomplicated. Most young guys would really balk about being taken care of with amoebic dysentary, but he was very open and free about it. I grew up with a bunch of uptight WASPs and had been dating this long string of Australian and British guys, so someone from an emotionally available, open, happy, joie de vivre type culture was very refreshing.

    We definitely, from the very beginning, always rubbed each other the wrong way in many small things. I always say we had all the big, important things 100% in common, and very few of the small. After three years of distance dating we decided the big outweighed the small and he took a law job in New York to be near me as I finished medical school. I wouldn't exactly say we're soulmates, but after nearly 9 years he has never bored me, I've never found him banal or dull, and he continues to be a good person. He feels the same about me. Both of us prioritized intellectual companionship over almost everything else and so we're happy.
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    When I was 15, I was diagnosed with cancer. I met my husband when we were fifteen, bald, and in the hospital! Luckily we both lived with only a few scars. For me, it was love at first sight. I saw him from across the clinic. He was bald, had a cane, and thin as a rail! I was nervous to talk to him so I made my mom go find out his name. The doctors were so excited to hear about my interest in him that they broke the patient privacy rules and told us about him. He had an interest in me too. We spent long, endless nights looking out at the water from the hospital room. We finished chemo around the same time and kept in touch through support groups and letters and phone calls. We got married when we were 22. We both work at the hospital we were treated at and everyone knows about our story.

    I love all these love stories! Great forum!!
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    My OH and I met almost 6 & 1/2 years. We were in the se grade and he was best friends with a girl in my circle of friends. He started sitting with us at lunch and we were torn between finding him funny and finding him annoying but we let him stick around. However he was always the butt of our jokes and pranks and I will admit I was horrible to him. It was nothing for me to back hand him for some stupid thing that he'd done a hundred times before. Despite my regular abuse he still willingly hung out with me. He'd call and ask me to go to the mall and he'd come to my house and we'd play video games. But at school we still didn't get along.
    Almost 2 years later a mutual friend of ours said that Martin was going to ask me out the next day. I wrote it off but mentioned it to a few people thinking it was a joke. Sure enough the next morning we were in the hall talking and our friends asked if he'd asked me out yet. I said no and our friends looked at us, put our hands together and declared us a couple. After a week I had every intention of breaking up with him. We had nothing to talk about, didn't hang out like we used to and it was just bad timing (I was a week out of my second hard relationship). The day I meant to break up with him he snuck up behind me and hugged me. Don't ask me what was so special about that hug but I felt relaxed instead of feeling the normal tension and stress. I couldn't bring myself to break up with him. The next time I hugged him it was more of the same. I was relaxed and as time went on I found myself genuinely liking him instead of just giving a nice guy a chance.
    Fast forward seven months and we were laying on my couch watching tv when during a commercial he blurts out "Will you marry me? Because it would make me literally the hippies person ever." I said yes. Looking back that was not the time to be doing that. We were young and hadn't been in a relationship long.
    From there our relationship has just gotten better. We've been together almost 3 years now and I can't imagine not being with him.

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    Hubby and I met while studying abroad in high school. We grew really close during the year we were in France, but, as these were the pre-Myspace and Facebook days, we kept in touch via snail mail. About the time we graduated, Myspace was becoming a big thing, and we connected via Myspace. He went to college in England (where he's from), and I went to college in the US. We both dated other people, and when the time came for me to study abroad in college, I studied in France again. We met up in London over a weekend, and saw each other for the first time in about three years. We really hit it off, but weren't anxious to start a relationship because of the distance. So we just stayed friends for another couple of years until he ended up coming back to the US for graduate school. We lived in the same city, and we started dating about six months after he moved over here. We dated for almost two years before he proposed.

    He proposed in a fairly understated way. We were taking a walk after dinner one night, talking about the future, and he very surreptitiously slipped in there that he was planning on marrying me. Of course, I caught it, and asked him (sarcastically) what made him think we were getting married. He replied by pulling out a ring and saying that if I didn't say yes, I would be putting a big wrench in his whole plan (he had pulled together a lot more for the night). I said yes, and we got married a year later. We now have a beautiful daughter and are expecting a second child.
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