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    Oooooooh. I'm going to be spending a while reading all these stories.
    My boyfriend's name is Justin and he's great. I met him at a party - I was almost fifteen, he was almost sixteen. He got my number before the party ended and we were pretty good friends. We liked each other from the start, but I broke it off before I got too serious because I was going through a hard time and I didn't want to drag him down and I didn't want to get hurt. So we kept a decent, friendly distance for a few months. Then he decided to text me one day because he heard the song Amanda by Boston on the radio and it made him think of me - and as far as I know, we haven't really stopped texting since. (Unless we were together, obviously.) I think that was at the end of July. We admitted we liked each other at the beginning of September and made things official on October 1st. Now I'm 16 and he's 17 and things are still going strong. We're coming up on eight months here and I'd say that's not half bad for a high school relationship. I love him so much, though. He treats me wonderfully and we've got identical senses of humor and similar values and all that jazz - it's just a good relationship, if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine kid View Post
    I thought I might include my parent's story since its quite romantic (and I haven't met that 'special' someone just yet).
    Ooh ace idea My mum and dad have a few nice little stories.

    How they met: They were both working as police officers and were 'on the beat' on Christmas day 1976. It was raining and my dad was in a police car and stopped to offer mum a lift back to her station as she was walking. She accepted despite the fact that he started the conversation with: 'Are you getting in or what?' A few months after their first meeting my dad ended up at my mum's police station to talk to another officer and he remembered her and asked her out.

    Their first kiss: On their first date they were sitting in the car and my dad leant over. My mum thought he was going to kiss her so she leant over too and kissed him first. My dad was very surprised as he had only been going to pick something up!

    The strange coincidence: At some point my mum and dad talked about their childhoods and my dad explained that in the years following my Uncle Bill's birth, my Nanna suffered from post natal depression so he and Bill were sent to live with a foster family for six months while she recovered. He said he had a lovely time with them and that my mum reminded him of their daughter Gillian. My mum was puzzled and asked what dad's foster parents were called. He said Frank and Lillian Chester and my mum nearly fainted. Turns out my dad had been fostered by my mum's aunt and uncle!


    They've been married for thirty five years this year
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    Renrose, that is one hell of a coincidence!!! Wow!

    My husband and I met on the Internet. (I swear it gets more romantic from here.) I had a profile on a free dating site that I didn't look at for forever and kept meaning to delete. And then one day I got yet another email that said my mailbox was full and I thought, "That's it, I'm deleting this stupid thing." About a year earlier, I had been out with several guys I met from the site and they were all douches.

    So I went to the site and my mailbox was full, and I was kind of scrolling down through a lot of douchey faces, clicking the little boxes to delete them. I really didn't want to delete my profile b/c I figured I might want to use it again someday and it was a pretty badass profile.

    There was one guy who was in an Army helmet with a desert behind him. I came so so so close to clicking delete. But instead I clicked on his picture. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a Soldier.

    We started talking and it was like... Man. It was something else. We are both writers by trade and inclination, and avid readers. We filled up the 10,000 character message box over and over and over again. I can't even tell you how many pages we filled. And then we started Yahoo messenging. Hours a day sometimes.

    He was at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, just over halfway through a deployment. After a couple months he was able to get his hand on a Roshan phone, these crappy Iranian cell phones you buy over there, and a calling card. We would talk until the minutes ran out. I could hear A-10 Warthogs taking off in the background, all kinds of aircraft flying overhead. Once I even heard the "ROCKET ATTACK" alarm and he had to get off the phone fast.

    He finally got home to Mississippi, and drove to Dallas to meet me. It was totally country music video material. I felt like I was in a Dixie Chicks song. Seeing each other for the first time on my front porch. First kiss. All that crap. It was awesome.

    We were long-distance for about a year. And it was hard. And then around May we started kind of unofficially planning the wedding and ring shopping. We had to special order the ring - I like rose gold, what can I say. This past August I was here for a visit and we drove down to the coast about an hour away. And went for a walk at 'our spot' on Biloxi Beach. The spot where we stood in the middle of the night during my first trip here, staring at the black water and feeling like the only two people in the world.

    Anyway that's where he proposed. He was so nervous. :-)

    We expedited everything b/c the long-distance thing was killing us. Got married in a beautiful outdoor DIY sort of Pinterest-tastic ceremony this past October, just two months (!!!) after the proposal. Moved here two days later. And here we are! :-) Doing our darndest to procreate.

    The wedding even made it onto Pinterest via a blog post! We had an awesome photographer. Here's pics:

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    MrsH, from one military bride to another, that is beautiful. Crying.....
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Renny; that is a coincidence!

    But I'm here to say.... Kristen, your wedding looks amazing!!!!! I'm in wedding mode at the moment, and I kind of want an American Halloween wedding now. Just beautiful. And you look so much like my sister, it's crazy! The story is very romantic too.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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