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    I really love the name Juliet/te. It just sounds so pretty. I'd never use it as a FN because of the Shakespeare character.

    Isabella and Edward are also names I like (but not love), but won't use because of the Twilight connection.

    I can't think of any books that made me really like a name.

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    From my childhood,

    Anne and Cordelia from Anne of Green Gables
    Eliza/Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice
    Anne from Persuasion
    Henry from the Boxcar Children
    Charles from one the Little House on the Prairie series
    ...and more that I can't remember because my brain is about to explode. I love reading so much and am always eager to find new names.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    Oh god if I could only name my daughter Katsa or Bitterblue. These characters from Kristin Cashore's Graceling series are such great characters, and I love the names, but I fear Bitterblue is a bit much!

    Actually, now that I'm on the topic, the Graceling Series is one of the few series where I have the names on my list (besides Lyra of course). Brigan, Saff, Gideon, Raffin, Nash. (Her boy's names make me so happy, haha!)

    I don't really like 'normal' names, and most of the books I read have MC's with 'normal' names, so I don't really have that many favorites.
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    Top Combos: Rowena Story and Atlas Fox

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    Growing up, my favorite book was Little Women. My love for the names Josephine and Elizabeth (sisters Jo and Beth) stem from there. Their other sisters are Margaret (Meg) and Amy - great names as well!
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    The Fault in Our Stars is what made me truly fall in love with the name Augustus, I know it could be seen that it holds some negative connotations but I don't care! I love it!
    Atticus, obviously from To Kill a Mockingbird, which was the only redeeming thing I gained from reading that book in Year 11 English. I know it's probably a great book but I think I was destined to hate anything we read in that class, Scout was dressed as a giant ham for God sake.
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