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    1. You are twenty years old and the man you have dated since you were thirteen proposes! His name is Finn Lewis.

    2. You get married but decide you need a fresh start so you move to Devon.

    3. Life is good! You made new friends and are fitting in well. To make things even better you find out your pregnant with a girl! Her first name is your favorite girls name and middle is her birth stone her name is Roberta Ruby.

    4. You get a call from your sister telling you that your grandmother has sadly passed away. She adopted a four year old boy so you decide to take him in. His first name is after your grandfather who passed away over six years ago. His name is Henry Tobias.

    5. You find out you’re pregnant again with twins! A boy and a girl. The girl’s first names are after a Disney princess and her middle name is after a flower. The boy’s first name begins with G and his middle name is after a famous person. Their names are Belle Bryony and Greyson Sebastian.

    6. Soon you have girl twins! You name them girly names that can be shortened to a more boyish nickname. Their middle name is after a country/city. Their names and nicknames are Matilda Ireland and Georgina Holland. "Mattie and Georgie"

    6.5) You're happy with your family:
    Olivia and Finn with Bo, Henry, Belle, Brey, Mattie and Georgie.
    But wait!...

    7. Your oldest girl gets married to a man named Lukas Guy who she met whilst on a trip with college.

    8. A year after her marriage, she becomes pregnant! It’s a girl. Your daughter has… unique taste to say the least and her little girl’s name reflects that. Your granddaughter’s name is Athena Fire "Thea".
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