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    Lightbulb Signature Initial Game


    Make name combos with the same initials as the names in previous posters signature

    They don't have to be the same gender

    Also try to do it without using either of the names from the signature

    We'll start off with my signature names
    Leopold Rowan (LR)
    Frederick Adrian (FA)
    Theodore Henry (TH)
    Dominic George (DG)
    Cordelia Guinevere (CG)
    Lavinia Charlotte (LC)
    Violetta Josephine (VJ)
    Natalia Katarine (NK)
    Cordelia (Cordie), Eleanor (Nori), Josephine (Josie), Katarina (Kat), Lavinia (Vinnie), Lucia (Lucy), Matilda (Tillie), Natalia (Nat), Violetta (Letta or Vio)
    Adrian (Adri, Ade or Ian), Aleksander (Lex or Ash), Aurelius (Paz or Auri), Evander (Van or Andy), Finnegan (Finn or Finny), Frederick (Freddie or Fritz), Leopold (Leo or Poe), Nikolai (Nik or Kai), Sebastian (Seb or Basti), Theodore (Theo or Ted)

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    Christine Kennedy - Emmeline Rose - Lyla Winter
    Nico Alexander - Emerson Gray - Arthur Elton

    Adelaide May - Lula Rowan - Felicity Iris
    Sophie Clarisse - Mabel Wren - Amelia Piper - Juniper Hazel

    Milo Caspian - Avery Jonas - Theodore Kingston
    River Ellis - Everett Madden - Lincoln Perseus - August Reuel

    Owen - Rhys - Parker - Dallas - Jackson / Isolde - Opal - April - Ellie - Peyton
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    current top 3:
    Charlotte Penrose...Edmund Jasper
    Eleanor Sybil...Henry Theodore
    Georgiana Wren...Oliver Matthew

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    Charlotte Poppy Lucille-Rhys Camden
    Lucy Beatrix Arabella-Jasper Atticus Jude
    Matilda Clementine-Oliver Liam Henry
    Margot Liza Primrose-Theodore Caius
    Isobel Magnolia-Felix Quentin
    Hazel Jane Cecile-Arthur Luke
    Lily Cordelia Emily-Asher James

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    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

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