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    Me: Leonor Nightingale (née Harket)
    Husband: James Rowan Nightingale

    We move to London

    Daughter 1: Poésie Garnet Nightingale

    Sister: Simone Harket
    Grandmother: Anne Marie Harket

    Adopted son: Johan River Harket Nightingale

    Daughter 2: Belle Daffodil Nightingale
    Son 1: Gaige Lennon Nightingale

    Daughter 3: Alaska Roma Nightingale "Al"
    Daughter 4: Reverie Elba Nightingale "Rev"

    Poésie's husband: Luca Christopher Swann

    Granddaughter: Dixie Anemone Swann

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    Me: Alexandra (Alexa) Joanna Ross
    Husband: Jordan George Ross
    Daughter: Georgia Jade Ross
    Adopted Boy: Luke Joe Ross
    B/G Twins: Tiana Lilly Ross and George Micheal Ross
    G/G Twins: Katrina 'Kat' Africa Ross and Elissa ' Elli' Asia Ross
    Son in law: Jake Mark Stone
    Granddaughter: Janna Alexo Stone

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    Rhode Island

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    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    Note: My name is Rowena Lily Black-Winters.

    1. You are twenty years old and the man you have
    dated since you were thirteen proposes! His name
    is August Nathaniel Winters.

    2. You get married but decide you need a fresh
    start so you move to London.

    3. Life is good! You made new friends and are
    fitting in well. To make things even better you find
    out your pregnant with a girl! Her first name is your
    favorite girls name and middle is her birth stone her
    name is Hermione Opal Winters. (Born October 7th)

    4. You get a call from your sister telling you that
    your grandmother has sadly passed away. She
    adopted a four year old boy so you decide to take
    him in. His first name is after your grandfather who
    passed away over six years ago. His name is Chester Horatio Winters.

    5. You find out you’re pregnant again with twins! A
    boy and a girl. The girl’s first names are after a
    Disney princess and her middle name is after a
    flower. The boy’s first name begins with G and his
    middle name is after a famous person. Their names
    are Aurora Lily Winters and Gideon Grey Winters.

    6. Soon you have girl twins! You name them girly
    names that can be shortened to a more boyish
    nickname. Their middle name is after a country/city. Their names and nicknames are
    Calliope Juneau Winters & Rosalind Odessa Winters, or Cal & Ross.

    7. Your oldest girl gets married? What’s his name? Hermione marries Eden Phineas James.

    8. A year after her marriage, she becomes
    pregnant! It’s a girl. Your daughter has… unique
    taste to say the least and her little girl’s name
    reflects that. Your granddaughter’s name is Amaryllis Octavia Alcyone James.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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