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    Middle name ideas for Athena?

    So daddy is pretty set on the name Athena for our baby girl. What are some middle names that would go well with Athena? Also, what are some creative nicknames.. I can't seem to think of any :/

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    I went to high school with a girl named Athena and always loved her name. Thea seems like the most obvious nickname? Annie? I love Athena Rose, personally, depending on your last name. Athena June?

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    If the Greek origin of Athena played a part in your choice then I'd suggest Athena Corinne. Keeps to the origin and flows nicely. As for nn's, I'm at a loss too! Theen or Thena, just when you need to shorten it a bit?

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    I knew a girl about 10 years ago with a small daughter named Athena August.

    Nicknames: Antha, Annie, Thena, Thea, Thee

    I just can't see combining Athena with ordinary names. It doesn't work. Athena Jane just sounds weird. You may disagree but that's my take.


    Athena Yvaine
    Athena Lore
    Athena July
    Athena Christophine
    Athena Snow
    Athena Rowan
    Athena Celeste
    Athena Ocèane
    Athena Sybelle
    Athena Eris
    Athena Jasper
    Athena Chrysanthemum
    Athena Poème
    Athena Sèverine
    Athena Ingrid
    Mrs. H.
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    I have Athena Beatrice on my list because I like the "isss" at the end paired with Athena, what about something similar like

    Athena Celeste
    Athena Lisette

    sorry these aren't quite the same, it's all I could think of at the moment.
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