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    Why do people expect....

    Me to give my child a trashy name just because I'm young?

    You might know what I'm talking about if you read my first post, if not, you can ignore most of this rant/discussion about name stereotypes.

    So, whenever I casually mention the subject of baby names, people kind of snort, or exhale, or say "oh, please". I guess I can understand-I mean, there was a birth announcement in our newspaper about some 14 year old's kid named Anonymous Unique (pronounced "ann-oh-ny-mus you-ni-kyoo"). But I'm not gonna name my son/daughter something like Garbage just because I'm a teenager, for crying out loud.

    What about you? Ever noticed this trend?

    -end of rant/discussion starter.-

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    Aha! I just had this conversation recently..I does seem like people expect us to name our kids something stupid, popular, trendy, trashy, or one of the "-adens" (Kayden, Brayden, Jaiden, etc). I think it's just one of the cases where someone hears about a teenager naming their kid something legitimately absurd, for the stereotype to get formed that we all do that.

    My sister and I were discussing this with our mom and grandmother (sis and i are 18&19, mom is like 46, grandma is around 60). We were discussing what my unborn nephews might be named. Grandma said that it's a good thing my brother and SIL aren't young like me and my sister, so the babies have a chance at getting a normal name, not something ridiculous that teenagers would come up with. My brother is only six years older than me...and btw, the "ridiculous" names us two like? Luke, Emma, Dennis, and Anna. Too weird i guess.
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    It's prejudgment.

    Really simple concept, albeit unfair.

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    Having not read your previous thread, I don't know exactly where you're coming from (I tried to find it, in my defense, but am new to searching people's posts and couldn't figure out how to find the one you are referencing). However, speaking for myself and assuming this is majority logic: I have no real life experience with teenagers having babies, so my only exposure is on television, and despite the fact that I avoid shows like "16 and pregnant" like the plague, the names the moms choose somehow slip into my knowledge base. Now, I'm not saying I would assume that someone would name their baby something awful just because they are young -- I like to think I'd engage a name discussion to see what names they were exploring first (as I do with everyone I meet who is pregnant or has just had a baby) -- but when I hear of yet another young person who has given their child an awful name, I will admit to rolling my eyes and chalking it up to their age, inexperience, and immaturity. I hope that's not offensive -- just trying to answer your question!

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    I would assume that the mother has immature taste all around. It's not in great taste to become pregnant at such a young age (you mentioned 14, right?), and I'd imagine she is probably unsophisticated in other areas as well.

    I don't know how young you are or what your story is. This is not meant to be offensive, it's just an honest answer.

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