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    So frustrated I could cry!

    I have had loads of great suggestions from everyone here already and I've been back over all my previous posts a heap of times, but nothing feels right, so I'm making one last post to try and find a name for Imogen's baby brother. We have Theodore down as the middle name - that has at least stayed solid, but our 2 first name options we had narrowed it down to just aren't working for me anymore.
    Finlay - because he would inevitably end up being called Finn and I don't like the end rhyming sound of Imogen and Finn together.
    Asher - I lost the love for this a while ago, but tried to get it back because DH really likes it, but here in New Zealand with our "lazy" accent it's going to be pronounced Ash-Ah and I can't change that. I also feel like it sounds more trendy than traditional and even though it's way down the popularity list here compared to say Henry (which I like, but DH doesn't), Henry has a much more traditional vibe and similar style to Imogen, which is what I'm looking for.

    So I'm back for one last go at gathering suggestions. I'm hoping that something will stand out or maybe I'll see a name I've already passed on, in a new light. As much as I'd like to put the whole thing aside and just wait to meet him, I don't even have a short list to work from anymore and he'd likely end up with my daughter's latest suggestion of Pirate Goldfish!!

    So, what would you name Imogen's baby brother?
    "_________" Theodore (last name starting with G)

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    I'm not really sure of your style or what all you've seen so far, so I'm just gonna throw out some I personally like with Imogen and see what sticks.

    Augustus Theodore G. (Gus?)
    Ezra Theodore G.
    Isaac Theodore G.
    Everett Theodore G.
    Sidney Theodore G. (Sid)
    Roan Theodore G.
    William Theodore G.
    Philip Theodore G.
    Eben Theodore G.
    Faber Theodore G.
    Seamus Theodore G.
    Matthias Theodore G.
    Josiah Theodore G.
    Jude Theodore G.

    Good luck!
    Mrs. H.
    Trying for our first.
    Gabriel . David. Walker. James . Michael
    Clementine . Ophelia . Emerald . Marie . Margot

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