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Thread: Magdalena

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    I have only fallen for this name recently, but it keeps popping back into my head when I least expect it (in a good way!) Can the biblical reference be overcome? And is it too similar to Marguerite (another favourite, but has been for a long time)? If so, which do you prefer and why? What middle names would work best with it?

    Sorry for the question overload...! Thanks in advance.

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    I prefer Marguerite over Magdalena. I have a bad association with Magdalena, not because of the bible, but because of a song "Magdalena hagdalena" we sang at camp for many years. It paints a not flattering picture. Silly, I know. I think Marguerite is beautiful and sophisticated.
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    I adore Magdalena.
    It was one of my favorites for years and yes, I do think the Biblical reference can be overcome. I love that it has such a range of nicknames, Magda (which I love, but for a lot of people it's too Miranda's housekeeper on SATC), Lena, Maggie, etc..

    Magdalena and Marguerite are a little too close for sisters in my opinion, I prefer Magdalena.

    Magdalena Blythe (short and feminine)
    Magdalena Belle (ditto)
    Magdalena Jane (love the repeated vowel actually)
    Magdalena Quinn (for more of a balanced feel)

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    Magdalena is a lovely name but I prefer Marguerite or Margeaux.
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    I love both names. They are BOTH elegant and beautiful. However, my favorite is Magdalena based on its smooth flowing, feminine sounds. The name does not seem overly biblical to me at all.
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