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    I'm new and need help!

    Hi everyone!

    I really need some help with girls names! I'm all settled on a boys name (and have been for years) but have got a long list of girls names that I need to narrow down. I'm not really sure if I have a 'style' and I can't seem to decide on a few favorites as there are such an abundance of nice girls names! Any opinions on the names are appreciated or if you think there's a name I might like please add it below. Thanks!


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    caty_beth89 Guest
    From your list my favorites are Adelaide, Arden, Ottilie, Tabitha, and Thora.

    Adelaide - Super cute name that will fit in with all the Addisons and Madelines. The biggest down fall with this one is that people will probably shorten it to Addy and there are tons of little Addys and Maddys running around these days. But if that doesn't bother you then I think it's a great choice.

    Arden - This one has got to be my absolute favorite, but I'm biased. I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant with a little Arwen. Arden was a close runner up for me. I like it because it's very strong sounding. Nothing frilly here, but it's still feminine. I also love the nickname Ari. My little one's nickname is Ari Lou.

    Ottilie - Adorable name. Very feminine and spunky. I couldn't see myself ever using this name, but I'd be thrilled to meet a little Ottilie.

    Tabitha - To me this is a classic. You can never go wrong with a classic. It also made me think of the names Tess or Tessa. Also, very lovely classy T names.

    Thora - This is such a strong option with it's association to Thor. Personally, I've always been a fan of strong names for girls. I think it could help them in so many ways throughout their lives. Thora definitely fits the strong description, but it also ends in A which is very popular for girls. Other ORA options are Flora and Cora.

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    Welcome to Nameberry!

    Adelaide - a royal name as well as a place name that still retains its vintage charm.

    Arden - one of the few unisex names I like.

    Cordelia - not my favourite Shakespearean name. A little too frilly and feminine for my taste.

    Daphne - spunky and sassy with a mythological connection.

    Holland - Just another place name. Unlike Adelaide, it has no depth or history to back it up.

    Ianthe - I prefer Xanthe.

    Marla - too strongly associated with the ex-Mrs Donald Trump Marla Maples (aka the Other Woman).

    Nellie - I prefer just Nell. Nellie is too cutesy and its also a derogatory term for a effeminate man.

    Ottilie - One of my favourite German names along with Anneliese.

    Tabitha - for me, it still has an image of a little blond girl twiching her nose on "Bewitched".

    Thora - Strong Scandinavian name that follows Nora and Cora out of the gate!

    Faves: Daphne, Adelaide, Arden and Ottilie.
    All the best,

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    Adelaide - beautiful name, you can't go wrong. nickname Addie is great too. another idea would be Adelheid, nickname Heidi.
    Arden - I just don't really like the sound of this, it has an odd flow.
    Cordelia - beautiful! my favorite from your list (also Cornelia, Delia, Adelia are pretty)
    Daphne - cute
    Holland - I kind of like this. Are you from Holland or do you just like the sound?
    Ianthe - I have o idea how to pronounce this...
    Marla - not my favorite, very old sounding.
    Nellie - cute nickname but not full name. Try Ornella, Nelsa, Ellen, Eleanor, Helen, Cornelia, Petronella, Lynelle
    Ottilie - pretty
    Tabitha - another nice choice
    Thora - love this

    other ideas: Nora, Alicia, Lydia, Linnea, Anatola, Audrey
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    Adelaide- Wonderful!
    Arden- Meh
    Cordelia- LOVE. Currently number two on my girl list
    Daphne- is okay
    Holland- No
    Ianthe- Really nice. I also love Iona.
    Marla- Not my style
    Nellie- I like this as a nickname for Penelope
    Ottilie- Really nice
    Tabitha- Adore!
    Thora- I like it and actually knew a lovely girl name Thora.

    Of this list, I love Cordelia and Tabitha the most.

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