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    Wink Need twin names! Don't know the gender.

    My husband and I are expecting our 4th AND 5th in 2 weeks. We don't know genders and we already have two girls and a boy. Their names are Fleur Isobel, Eva Madeleine & Charlie William. Please nothing matchy-matchy

    Mila & Cam.
    Mila & Cameron

    Fleur Isobel, Eva Madeleine & Charlie William

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    Expecting two more, February 28!

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    Hazel and Noisette are my names if I ever have twin girls. It's fun because they're matching, but not match-y exactly. Noisette is French for Hazel, and Hazel English for Noisette.
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    To combine you girl/boy styles, I suggest:
    Heath Christopher
    Julian David

    For girls:
    Brooke Genevieve
    Colette Elizabeth

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    I also really like Hazel for a girl's name suggestion for you.
    Some others:


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    Looking at your signature, I think Isla and Ezra or Isla and Oscar are adorable for B/G twins, and I think all three names go well with the names of your older children
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