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    Marin, how do you say it?

    Lately I have fallen in love with the girl's name Marin. This would be pronounced Marr-INN, with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable (like Marie). It's just that when I look at the name, I see it pronounced 'MARE-in'. I really do prefer the first pronunciation. Opinions, alternate spellings, personal experiences anyone??

    Any comments greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I say Mare-in, and the only Marin I know, is Mare-in too

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    Maren is pronounced Mare-in.

    Marin is pronounced Mar-in.

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    Its actually pronounced Mah-rin. Its the name of the county I live in. If you prefer the alternate pronunciation you could go with Maren or Merin.

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    Unfortunately it is one of those names that will get mispronounced no matter how you spell it (kind of like Lucia, Helena......but the names are beautiful so it is worth the inconvenience!)

    To answer your question, I would pronounce Marin with the emphasis on the second syllable, like Mah-RINN.
    I pronounce Maren as mahr-en (like the "Mar" in Margaret, empahasis more on the first syllable), but many people also pronounce Maren like mare-in (like the "Mar" in Mary). I have also seen it spelled Merryn with that pronunciation. I think people are much more likely to say "Mare-inn" for Maren rather than Marin. To get the Mah-RINN pronunciation you are after, I would definitely spell it Marin. But I also would expect it to be pronounced incorrectly at times, unfortunately I don't see any way around that! I have a Maren (pronounced Mahr-en, not Mare-in), and it gets mispronounced a lot.

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