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Thread: boy name help!

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    thx so much for the replies. much to consider.
    Levon is pronounced LEE VAUGHN, so yes like leave on. think Levon the song by elton john, or Levon Helm from The Band.
    We are a music loving family!

    Levon, with nickname Levi, i dont like Levi on its own because when he is older he can chose Levon, perhaps more professional than Levi? or he can keep Levi, more fun and upbeat.

    Larson is great (lars nn.) however, its growing on me...

    thanks for the comments about Arlo and Anneke together. sometimes i think its too variety show like, but i have to remember siblings aren't together forever all the time...
    i also dont like using same letter names,,,, like arlo and anneke... but... it just so happened that i like the two names and they happen to start with 'a'!! funny factoid? Arlo Guthrie's third wife was named Anneke. hehe sort of a sign i suppose. we love woody guthrie and all musicians inspired by him

    i like the name Guthrie too.

    Leon its ok. prefer Levon, nn Levi
    Ezra too biblical for my husband
    Lucas too popular.
    Finn too popular
    Simon i know a simon on my street
    Jonas too biblical
    Lionel all i think of is Lionel richie
    Theron how do you pronounce this? i think of Charlize Theron
    Stellan reminds me of Stalin
    Magnus my name is meghan.. too close i think... too video game i dont know?! lol
    Hugo hmm
    Oscar i like Oskar.. husband not much
    Liam too popular
    Axel like this one a lot. but Aksel. hmmm can i get over the axel rose reference... i think so
    Anton i like it, but again with the music reference to Anton Newton... not sure i like THAT reference ! (for those who know who he is...
    Evren looks incomplete to me
    Julius julius cesar?
    Jules too feminine
    Miles we use to like milo, now i cant help but think of milo as a dog name
    Augustour good friend has a Gus. (augustuS)
    Casparmy BF has a jasper.
    Emil (eh MEEl) chefs name?
    Elliot again, friends son is elliot. ugh so many good names are taken lol
    Noel noel gallagher? i like Noel but not much
    Milo see above!
    Matteo not a huge fan
    Colin not a fan

    thanks for all your suggestions! ! this is fun

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    I think Lars would be perfect with Anneke!

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    I love, love, LOVE Lars!

    It was the name of a character in a book I read as a child, and it feels warm and familiar to me.

    Anneke and Lars is an amazing combo. I like the suggestion above of Lars Feliks.
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    Well, there are many suggest you very good and interesting names above which can be very good for your boy but if I have to suggest you then I will go for Levi. It sounds really good to me, it is might be well.

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