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    Top Three Boy Names: Help me choose Berries!~

    So now we are down to the top three. I like any /all of them and would like some opinions on what you think.

    Samuel Garrison Woolf
    (Samuel is a name on both sides of the family, and Garrison is a spin on my late grandfather's name. Last name is pron. "Wolf")

    Layton Graham Woolf
    (I know Layton seems a bit trendy but I like that you don't hear it often.. my husband has liked this unisex name for a long time either for boy or girl. I love Graham with it because it is grounding and solid.)

    Waylon Garrison Woolf
    (Possibly the most controversial of the three. Waylon comes from... you guessed it.. Waylon Jennings. While I like that it's unusual and rugged, I worry this gives too much of an "outlaw" image for my son... At the same time it's maybe just enough to be cool without being strange? What about with the last name? Waylon Woolf... is it too much? This is my husband's favorite.)

    So tell me what you think or feel free to give some suggestions !! Thanks!~

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    I like Layton Graham Woolf the best.

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    Samuel Garrison is my pick!
    All the best,

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    Current faves:

    Elinor Jane, Alma Rose, Lily Margaret, Viola Edith, Esther Paulina

    Conrad James, Walter Edward, Arthur Frederick, Hugo William, Sylvester Henry

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    I like Samuel :-) I also like Layton but Leighton is one of the few boy names I prefer on girls. Not really a fan of Waylon.
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