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Thread: Anneke and ...?

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    Anneke and ...?

    im still early in my pregnancy, and nervous since i had a m/c in the fall at 12 weeks, but of course i cant stop thinking about names should this baby stick, and we are ever so blessed

    We have a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter named Anneke (pronounced the european way of ON NE KE)

    Anneke June

    If we have a girl next we are pretty set on Beatrice. no back up, which may be dangerous!

    A boy we have more trouble with. I loved Feliks, but not my husband, and now i have a friend with a Felix. not a close friend, but we still see them for play dates here and there. so Feliks is out, but i may use for a middle name. So many people i know have the names we love; so we have come up with a few we love that we dont know ANY ONE with the names! our backgrounds are easter european (Czech) and Dutch. We live in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Anneke gets mispronounced sometimes, but, not usually after ppl hear the proper pronunciation, and/or a lot of older folks know an Anneke so they know the proper pronunciation.

    Levon (LEE VON) nn Lee or Levi, we prefer Levi

    Arlo (does Anneke and Arlo sound too cheesy, or actually pair well??)

    Leif (LEAF)

    i really like Viggo but husband not at all!

    Larson nn Lars

    what does everyone think, any suggestions? thanks everyone!

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    Hi! Anneke is a beautiful name and I love it with Beatrice! It's a shame about Felix not being usable. You have some great options though and I especially like Arlo, Leif and Levi with your daughter's name. Here are a few more suggestions:

    Ivor/Ivar nn Ivo

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