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    If I could choose a girl's name for William and Catherine:

    Caroline Elizabeth Diana Catherine.
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    I'm rooting for a Matilda or Eleanor for a girl, Arthur for a boy.

    I imagine Diana or Carol (or Caroline) will be honoraries in the middle for a girl, Elizabeth too, perhaps. Phillip or Charles for a boy. I expect to see a George in there too.

    Matilda Diana Elizabeth Anne
    Eleanor Diana Caroline Anne
    Arthur George Charles Phillip (though probably not, since all those names are in Prince Charles's name, just in a different order)

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    I am 100% certain if it's a girl that Elizabeth will be in there as a middle name. I think there is a good chance of the first name being Victoria as it's not currently popular in the UK, is a classic royal name and if the baby is a girl and will be Queen, then Victoria harks back to a golden age of female monarchy. Catherine may well be a middle. My best guess is Victoria Elizabeth Catherine Diana (they tend to have a lot of names!)

    For a boy I would be fairly confident that Charles will be in there, also possibly William. George is a really good guess for a first but George VI was really Albert which would be quite on trend over here, so MAYBE there'll be a Prince Albert (although that would nix Victoria for the future!). George Phillip Charles William.... But maybe Albert :-)

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