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    Alice or Arthur would be lovely, but at the same time I want to use those names so i'm hoping they don't!

    I think Matilda or Adelaide is a pretty choice and a nice diplomatic nod to Australia, Alexandra would also be great. I'd quite like to see an Edward who goes by Ned or Teddy.

    I'm not sure how set in stone royal naming protocol is, I think probably most of it is just unwritten rules of convention, it's so boring to have to just keep recycling names, the original name bearers certainly didn't - they chose the names purely because they liked them, which is how it should be I think.
    Beatrice, Endellion, Alice, Lucia, Ophelia, Freya, Aurelia, Emily, Katherine, Hermione

    Edward, Ignatius, Arthur, Benedict, Thomas, Whit, Theodore, Wilder, Archer, Henry, Loki

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