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    If she's a girl: Matilda Elizabeth Diana. And if he's a boy: Edmund Henry George
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    Loved all the feedback! For a girl, I'd love to see Victoria used. Queen Victoria sounds AMAZING. Victoria Diane Elizabeth Would be lovely. For a boy, George William Henry would be fantastic!

    Love royal names!!!
    Keep the opinions coming. I found the comment about using Diana would be a lot to live up to, do you agree? Do you think we'll see Diana in the middle name spot?

    I also like the idea of a Matilda or a Jane. I think Jane would make a crazy comeback and hopefully some overlooked classics will be reconsidered for parents all over.
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    Well I already gave my opinion of girls names...but if its a boy I think they might use "Albert". Maybe something like Albert Henry Charles.

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    Queen Victoria II would be some name to live up to, but it's beautiful nevertheless.

    I'm also fairly certain that a girl, like a boy, will receive four names. The reason why Her Majesty and her sister, Princess Margaret, only received three and two names each, was that they were secondary royals at the time of their birth. The Duke of York might have been the heir, but it was strongly expected that her uncle, the Prince of Wales, would deliver an heir. They were the same kind of royals as Beatrice and Eugenie are today (funny enough, they also "only" received three names).

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    Well I already gave my opinion of girls names...but if its a boy I think they might use "Albert". Maybe something like Albert Henry Charles.
    I would love an Albert (though Lord Nicholas Windsor has a little boy named Albert). All three of those names are actually included in Harry's name (Henry Charles Albert David, which by the way is a mighty fine name in my opinion).
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    I don't really care as I don't like the royal family, but aren't there "rules" about not using the same names as the heirs in other European houses? Victoria is crown princess in Sweden, Lenore is the Spanish crown prince's first born and (Ingrid) Alexandra is the Norwegian crown prince's first born.
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