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    Peri/Perry... Girl/boy?

    I love Peridot for a girl and Peregrine for a boy, each with the nn Peri (g) or Perry (b).
    Which gender do you prefer this on, or do you just like one name better than the other?

    Also, any other ways to get to peri/perry?
    The only other one I have is periwinkle and all I envision is tinker-bells sister, though I don't mind the association.
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    Love Peregrine for a boy, nn Perry is cute when he's young and cool as he gets older.

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    I like Peri for a girl! Any girl name that starts with Per could be a Peri. Persephone, Perdita, etc.
    My favorites right now:
    Girls: Alena, Anya, Emme, Fable, Gwyneth, Thalia, Thora, Vaiva
    Boys: August, Bodhi, Blake, Declan, Eamon, Fergus, Finch, Rory

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    Perrie is my favorite spelling, and it's a girl's name.

    Everyone knows Peregrin should be nicknamed Pippin duh.

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    Sad to say I strongly dislike Peri. Maybe its from working in a healthcare setting, but Peri to me just makes me think of Peri Wash (perineal cleanser) - not a good association. I'd go with Perry or Perrie

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