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    The Flutterwinkle Family:
    DH: Flax Teasel Flutterwinkle
    DW: Freesia Dawn Flutterwinkle
    DD: Feather Dalila Flutterwinkle
    DS/DD: Fennel Arbor Flutterwinkle and Fern Pluma Flutterwinkle

    The Spidertoes Family:
    DH: Sandy Briar Spidertoes
    DH: Pan Sparrow Spidertoes
    DS: Pippin Indigo Spidertoes
    DS/DD: Barnaby Lichen Spidertoes and Matilda Lavender Spidertoes

    The Nevernight Family:
    DW: Daisy Belladonna Nevernight
    DH: Raven Mulberry Nevernight
    DD: Asphodel Magpie Nevernight
    DS: Phoenix Robin Nevernight
    DD: Belphoebe Lark Nevernight
    DS: Zephyr Finch Nevernight

    The Plumbottom Family:
    DH: August Bramble Plumbottom
    DW: Ruby Marigold Plumbottom
    DS: Speedy Wilder Plumbottom
    DD: Wispa Buttercup Plumbottom

    The Merrymellow Family:
    DW: Blossom Ambrosia Merrymellow
    DW: Evelina Marigold Merrymellow
    DS: Cricket Pebble Merrymellow

    The Sweetsinger Family:
    DH: Flynn Yarrow Sweetsinger
    DW: Clarity Elva Sweetsinger
    DD/DD: Melody Echo Sweetsinger and Harmony Whisper Sweetsinger

    The Honeydrop Family:
    DH: Poplar Dew Honeydrop
    DD: Silver Lenora Honeydrop
    DD: Gossamer Sophie Honeydrop
    DD: Glitter Camellia Honeydrop

    The Prettyfoot Family:
    DH: Trooping Hex Prettyfoot
    DW: Ianthine Penelope Prettyfoot
    DS/DS: Socks Madder Prettyfoot and Boots Baffler Prettyfoot
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Family 1: Summerwish
    H – Briar Flynn
    W – Dawn Evelina
    D – Stella Melody
    S/D – Cyan Grey and Laurel Olive

    Family 2: Moonlightning
    H – Jet Storm
    H – Breeze Frost
    S – Thyme River
    S/D – Reed Forest and Jade Silver

    Family 3: Saturnbeam
    W – Arianna Talullah
    H – Moss Tide
    D – Marigold Tansy
    S – Arbor Thorn
    D – Meadow Tessa
    S – Aspen Tuck

    Family 4: Brightbloomer
    H – Ash Spider
    W – Aria Sophie
    S – Almond Silver
    D – Autumn Skye

    Family 5: Cloudweaver
    W – Luna Joy
    W – Elva Hope
    S – Wilder Fox

    Family 6: Howlingdreamer
    H – Fennel Linden
    W – Nutmeg Ivy
    D/D – Feather May and Whisper June

    Family 7: Morninglight
    H – Flint Indigo
    D – Rose Blossom
    D – Daisy Scarlet
    D – Lavender Violet

    Family 8: Flamehopper
    H – Never North
    W – Matilda Lucy
    S/S – Sparrow Pine and Finch Cedar

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    Family 1: Windywhisper
    Elden and Arianna

    Family 2: Summerbug
    Pippin and Petal

    Family 3: Nightweaver

    Family 4: Honeybud

    Family 5: Flutterheart

    Family 6: Morningsong
    Chickadee and Marigold

    Family 7: Plumfield

    Family 8: Eveningvine
    Robin and Tuck

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    Family 1: Brightstar
    H: Auburn Thyme
    W: Melisande Fern
    D: Penelope Olive
    S/D: Tuck Mahogany & Daphne Juniper

    Family 2: Willowdance
    H: Flax Chestnut
    H: Bramble Forest
    S: Myth Allegro
    S/D: Oren River & Isadora Lark

    Family 3: Trueheart
    W: Iris Guinevere
    H: Cypress Glenn
    D: Hazel Victoria
    S: Aspen Storm
    D: Briar Matilda
    S: Indigo Reed

    Family 4: Snowdrop
    H: Wilder Grey
    W: Evelina Rose
    S: Rowan North
    D: Ivy Winter

    Family 5: Morningwish
    W: Camellia June
    W: Fauna Celeste
    S: Flint Oliver

    Family 6: Nightsong
    H: Zephyr Clove
    W: Minerva Skye
    D/D: Stella Primrose & Phoebe Scarlet

    Family 7: Cloudbreath
    H: Elden Finch
    D: Meadow Scarlet
    D: Blossom Eve
    D: Whisper Violet

    Family 8: Moonfrost
    H: August Thorn
    W: Octavia Pearl
    S/S: Sparrow Finn & Phoenix Ash

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    Charlotte, NC
    Family 1:
    H: Oren Hail Foxhopper
    W: Asphodel Rosa Foxhopper
    D: Marigold Dawn Foxhopper
    S/D: Tide Aspen & Lavender Elma Foxhopper
    Oren, Dela, Marigold, Tide & Lavender

    Family 2:
    H: Flik Arbor Nightdreamer
    H: Cypress Fire Nightdreamer
    S: North Breeze Nightdreamer
    S/D: Flynn Thyme & Luna Alessandra Nightdreamer
    Flik, Cy, North, Flynn & Luna

    Family 3:
    W: Tansy Victoria Goldmint
    H: Chestnut Orion Goldmint
    D: Briar Daphne Goldmint
    S: River Flint Goldmint
    D: Zinnia Skye Goldmint
    S: Pine Pebble Goldmint
    Tansy, Ches, Briar, River, Zinnia, & Pine

    Family 4:
    H: Brave Cyan Cloudwhirl
    W: May Azura Cloudwhirl
    S: Elden Myth Cloudwhirl
    D: Primrose May Cloudwhirl
    Brave, May, Eldie, Rosie

    Family 5:
    W: Glitter Bliss Honeydance
    W: Freesia Minerva Honeydance
    S: Tangle Wilder Honeydance
    Glitter, Freesia, & Tangle

    Family 6:
    H: Pan Frost Bellsong
    W: Isadora Karina Bellsong
    D/D: Blossom Eve & Jezamine Lucy Bellsong
    Pan, Isa, Blossom, & Jezzy

    Family 7:
    H: Thorn Oak Willowheart
    D: Petal Stella Willowheart
    D: Posey Matilda Willowheart
    D: Penelope Ambrosia Willowheart
    Thorn, Petal, Posey, Penelope

    Family 8:
    H: Poplar Fir Rainsinger
    W: Violet Hyacinth Rainsinger
    S/S: Grey Storm & Fox Sparrow Rainsinger
    Pop, Vi, Grey, & Fox
    //Mary-Kathryn / Twenty-One / Student / Captivated by Names //

    “I read in a play once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.” - L.M. Montgomery

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