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    The Flutterwinkle Family:
    DH: Flax Teasel Flutterwinkle
    DW: Freesia Dawn Flutterwinkle
    DD: Feather Dalila Flutterwinkle
    DS/DD: Fennel Arbor Flutterwinkle and Fern Pluma Flutterwinkle

    The Spidertoes Family:
    DH: Sandy Briar Spidertoes
    DH: Pan Sparrow Spidertoes
    DS: Pippin Indigo Spidertoes
    DS/DD: Barnaby Lichen Spidertoes and Matilda Lavender Spidertoes

    The Nevernight Family:
    DW: Daisy Belladonna Nevernight
    DH: Raven Mulberry Nevernight
    DD: Asphodel Magpie Nevernight
    DS: Phoenix Robin Nevernight
    DD: Belphoebe Lark Nevernight
    DS: Zephyr Finch Nevernight

    The Plumbottom Family:
    DH: August Bramble Plumbottom
    DW: Ruby Marigold Plumbottom
    DS: Speedy Wilder Plumbottom
    DD: Wispa Buttercup Plumbottom

    The Merrymellow Family:
    DW: Blossom Ambrosia Merrymellow
    DW: Evelina Marigold Merrymellow
    DS: Cricket Pebble Merrymellow

    The Sweetsinger Family:
    DH: Flynn Yarrow Sweetsinger
    DW: Clarity Elva Sweetsinger
    DD/DD: Melody Echo Sweetsinger and Harmony Whisper Sweetsinger

    The Honeydrop Family:
    DH: Poplar Dew Honeydrop
    DD: Silver Lenora Honeydrop
    DD: Gossamer Sophie Honeydrop
    DD: Glitter Camellia Honeydrop

    The Prettyfoot Family:
    DH: Trooping Hex Prettyfoot
    DW: Ianthine Penelope Prettyfoot
    DS/DS: Socks Madder Prettyfoot and Boots Baffler Prettyfoot
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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