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    Sep 2011
    Family 1: Moonbreath
    Thorn August m. Lavender April
    Pearl Arianna
    Brave Allegro & Bliss Alessandra

    Family 2: Morningdancer
    Hail Fire m. Oliver Pan *Oli*
    Flynn Tide
    Reed Moss & Rosemary Eve *Rosie*

    Family 3: Honeysong
    Luna Camellia m. Sky Cedar
    Matilda Celeste *Tilly*
    Indigo Chestnut *Iggy*
    Magpie Clarity *Maggie*
    Coriander Cyan *Corey*

    Family 4: Freewings
    Ash Bramble m. Tallulah Berry *Tallie*
    North Barnaby
    Juniper Belladonna *Junie*

    Family 5: Snowkicks
    Bonnie Elma m. Isolde Daisy *Iso*
    Tuck Yarrow

    Family 6: Flameheart
    Arbor Frost m. Echo Evelina
    Ruby Elva & Stella Feather

    Family 7: Bellhopper
    Wilder Grey
    Tessa Olive
    Phoebe Eartha
    Hazel Iris

    Family 8: Sweetstar
    Huckleberry Pine *Huck* m. Silver Aria
    Oren Finch *Ori* & Rowan Fox
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Jan 2010
    Midwestern USA
    The Quickfly Family:

    H: Orion Day
    W: Violet Eve
    D: Octavia Bliss
    S/D: Lemony Pippin & Daisy Skye

    The Bumblebee Family:

    H: Orange Fox
    H: Pan Yarrow
    S: Phoenix Moss
    S/D: Auburn Finch & Belphoebe Glitter

    The Morningstar Family:

    W: Feather Wispa
    H: Dew Grey
    D: Lucy Primrose
    S: Zap Fire
    D: Pumpkin Fern
    S: Jazz Allegro

    The Gingerlily Family:

    H: Thunder Oak
    W: Myrtle Joy
    S: Indigo River
    D: Echo Azura

    The Nightwatch Family:

    W: Zinnia Petal
    W: Magpie Ruby
    S: Oren Myth

    The Windsong Family:

    H: Elden Tuck
    W: Iris Dawn
    D/D: Harmony Camellia & Melody Laurel

    The Moondrop Family:

    H: Reed Hawk
    D: Clarity Daffodil
    D: Briar Meadow
    D: Nutmeg Ivy

    The Spiderdance Family:

    H: Forest Braken
    W: Selena Plum
    S/S: Cricket Poplar & Midnight Aspen


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    Nov 2012
    Family 1:
    H: Cedar Thorn Littlestar
    W: Winter Bliss Littlestar
    D: Lark Tallulah Littlestar
    S/D: Storm Mulberry + Tansy Lavender Littlestar

    Family 2:
    H: Yarrow Flint Elfwhisper
    H: Bramble Hawk Elfwhisper
    S: River Huckleberry Elfwhisper
    S/D: Jett Pippin + Skye Marigold Elfwhisper

    Family 3:
    H: Moss Zephyr Goldweaver
    W: Petal Celeste Goldweaver
    D: Pearl Ambrosia Goldweaver
    S: North Wilder Goldweaver
    D: Ruby Sunflower Goldweaver
    S: Fox Midnight Goldweaver

    Family 4:
    H: Orion Thunder Summernight
    W: Elva Hyacinth Summernight
    S: Briar Forest Summernight
    D: Fauna Primrose Summernight

    Family 5:
    W: Zinnia Feather Wildfrost
    W: Posey Blossom Wildfrost
    S: Oren Cypress Wildfrost

    Family 6:
    H: Fennel Reed Honeylight
    W: Dawn Buttercup Honeylight
    D/D: Fern Gossamer + Hazel Pumpkin Honeylight

    Family 7:
    H: Indigo Flax Mistymint
    D: Plum Freesia Mistymint
    D: Wispa Amandine Mistymint
    D: Luna Harmony Mistymint

    Family 8:
    H: Onyx Cricket Moondreamer
    W: Echo Glitter Moondreamer
    S/S: Zap Bayberry + Hex Breeze Moondreamer

    babe 1 - october 8, 2013
    babe 2 - due september 2016

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    Jan 2012
    Family 1:
    DH: Brave Snowhearth
    DW: Celeste Snowhearth
    DD: Elva Snowhearth
    DS/DD: Pippin Snowhearth and Winter Snowhearth
    Family 2:
    DH: Mulberry Gingergrass
    DH: Reed Gingergrass
    DS: Pan Gingergrass
    DS/DD: Tuck Gingergrass and Echo Gingergrass
    Family 3:
    DH: Aspen Foxstar
    DW: Minerva Foxstar
    DD: Asphodel Foxstar
    DS: Arbor Foxstar
    DD: Melisande Foxstar
    DS: Coriander Foxstar
    Family 4:
    DH: Barnaby Rainkeeper
    DW: Meadow Rainkeeper
    DS: Hawk Rainkeeper
    DD: Hazel Rainkeeper
    Family 5:
    DW: Glitter Mountainsong
    DW: Myrtle Mountainsong
    DS: Storm Mountainsong
    Family 6:
    DH: Sparrow Peppervine
    DW: June Peppervine
    DD/DD: Evelina Peppervine and Belphoebe Peppervine
    Family 7:
    DH: River Morningdust
    DD: Wispa Morningdust
    DD: Lark Morningdust
    DD: Posey Morningdust
    Family 8:
    DH: Phoenix Goldstone
    DW: Ambrosia Goldstone
    DS/DS: August Goldstone and Elden Goldstone
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    Nov 2011
    Family 1: Wintermuse
    DH: North Orion
    DW: Laurel Juniper
    DD: Violet Eve
    DS/DD: Frost Coriander and Clarity Whisper

    Family 2: Wildfrost
    DH: Flint Robin
    DH: Gray Pippin
    DS: Arbor Glenn
    DS/DD: Thyme Cedar and Lavender Autumn

    Family 3: Flutterbee
    DW: Lilac Victoria
    DH: Reed Cypress
    DD: Iris Posey
    DS: River Aspen
    DD: Calla Rosemary
    DS: Whisk Pine

    Family 4: Starbloomer
    DH: Briar Elm
    DW: Besty May
    DS: August Bramble
    DD: Penelope June

    Family 5: Raindreamer
    DW: Alessandra Hope
    DW: Ruby Lark
    DS: Tide Finch

    Family 6: Wondermint
    DH: Finn Hawk
    DW: Stella Winter
    DD/DD Rose Talullah and Camellia Echo

    Family 7: Merrywind
    DH: Hail Cyan
    DD: Lucy Pearl
    DD: Molly Primrose
    DD: Ivy Petal

    Family 8: Cloudwhisper
    DH: Barnaby Moss
    DW: Minerva Helen
    DS/DS: Wilder Jazz and Forest Zephyr
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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