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    Create a Fairy Family!

    So this is pretty much crazy, but I love it anyway. Thought someone here might appreciate it too.

    Family 1:

    Family 2:

    Family 3:

    Family 4:

    Family 5:

    Family 6:

    Family 7:

    Family 8:


    First Name Bank. You can choose one or two for each fairy:

    Columbine, Berry, Petal, Buttercup, Belladonna, Glitter, Silver, Eartha, Nettle, Ianthine, Freesia, Aria, Ivy, Rose, Chrysanthe, Winter, Hazel, Glitter, Meadow, Jade, Ruby, Scarlet, Olive, Penelope, Stella, Nutmeg, Fauna, Tansy, Jezamine, Plum, Victoria, Pearl, Iris, Elva, Melody, Harmony, Posey, Rosemary, Azura, Laurel, Daisy, Sophie, Briar, Blossom, Honey, Molly, Evelina, Daphne, Asphodel, Rosa, Juniper, Selena, Fern, Gossamer, Betsy, Feather, Myrtle, Lenora, Dawn, Hope, Arianna, Tessa, Isolde, Isadora, Echo, Joy, Sally, Talullah, Marigold, Camellia, May, Clarity, Ambrosia, Lavender, Pumpkin, Phoebe, Amandine, Karina, Autumn, Elma, Bonnie, Melisande, Helen, Minerva, Fern, June, Luna, Daffodil, Zinnia, April, Dalila, Chickadee, Skye, Violet, Wispa, Celeste, Matilda, Hyacinth, Bliss, Dahlia, Heather, Magpie, Sunflower, Belphoebe, Lucy, Primrose, Eve, Pluma, Octavia, Guinevere, Lark, Whisper, Eglantine, Alessandra,

    Hail, Singer, Braken, Fennel, Tangle, Pine, Lichen, Hex, Ash, Teasel, Spider, North, Silver, Briar, Cedar, Yarrow, Huckleberry, Breeze, Reed, Flax, Poplar, Fox, Kelly, Chestnut, Cyan, Almond, Baffler, Pan, Mulberry, Myth, Oren, Whisper, Frost, Thorn, Wilder, Grey, Flint, Thyme, Rowan, Orion, Sandy, Finn, Dew, Fuss, Branch, Fir, Oak, Elden, August, Trooping, Sky, Oliver, Fire, Fidget, Bramble, Madder, Cricket, Sparrow, Flik, Onyx, Phoenix, Arbor, Brave, Finch, Hawk, Robin, Elm, Sneezy, Cranberry, Barnaby, Clove, Pepper, Zephyr, River, Moss, Jet, Aspen, Lashes, Socks, Lime, Thunder, Pine, River, Storm, Allegro, Auburn, Glenn, Fleck, Whisk, Never, Mahogany, Midnight, Jazz, August, Pebble, Boots, Zap, Speedy, Orange, Linden, Shell, Tide, Coriander, Pippin, Berry, Clover, Raven, Cypress, Bayberry, Lemony, Cinnamon, Day, Forest, Indigo, Tuck, Flynn

    For the surname, you need to combine names from both sections, first a name from A, then one from B. ex: Goblinglitter or Pollenbeam.

    Goblin, Elf, Moon, Witch, Saturn, Windy, Pepper, Night, Ice, Wonder, Flutter, Winter, Spider, Magic, Drift, Merry, Pretty, Fox, Reed, Cloud, Cozy, Pollen, Cat, Honey, Mossy, Broom, Green, True, Early, Truth, Gold, Ginger, Star, Quick, Summer, Bright, Wind, Free, Cloudy, Never, Little, Long, Garlic, Wild, Howling, Bell, Bumble, Fae, Willow, Lime, Carrot, Tulip, Turtle, Morning, Silver, Rain, Hail, Snow, Mountain, Wrinkle, Plum, Flame, Whiffle, Misty, Sweet, Evening, Brave

    glitter, shimmer, light, nest, locks, witch, leaf, breath, wind, root, dust, twist, wish, toes, grass, lightning, muse, boots, drop, bud, lily, dance, whirl, beam, snaps, hopper, splash, whisper, dreamer, star, frost, kicks, stone, heart, hazel, socks, secrets, fog, foot, twill, bee, dash, clove, night, field, bottom, winks, song, glade, hearth, bloomer, tree, wand, wings, mint, bug, mellow, filter, wit, singer, loop, winkle, dancer, rainbow, vine, wizard, weaver, star, dazzler, tree, keeper, fly, web, watch,
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    The Merrymint Family
    H: Mulberry Myth Merrymint
    W: Melody Myrtle Merrymint
    D: Meadow May Merrymint
    S/D: Madder Midnight Merrymint & Molly Minerva Merryment

    The Goblintoes Family
    H: Fleck Oliver Goblintoes
    H: Phoenix Fir Goblintoes
    S: Cricket Barnaby Goblintoes
    S/D: Finn Spider Goblintoes & Daisy Pumpkin Goblintoes

    The Eveningbee Family
    W: Dawn Primrose Eveningbee
    H: Cyan Moss Eveningbee
    D: Stella Plum Eveningbee
    S: Pebble Dew Eveningbee
    D: Celeste Skye Eveningbee
    S: Ash Tide Eveningbee

    The Cloudydash Family
    H: Flint Whisper Cloudydash
    W: Tessa Laurel Cloudydash
    S: Speedy Breeze Cloudydash
    D: Sally Echo Cloudydash

    The Moonheart Family
    W: Violet Blossom Moonheart
    W: Silver Scarlet Moonheart
    S: Onyx Sparrow Moonheart

    The Prettylily Family
    H: Linden Huckleberry Prettylily
    W: Iris Octavia Prettylily
    D/D: Juniper Evelina Prettylily & Tallulah Amandine Prettylily

    The Mistystone Family
    H: Reed Thunder Mistystone
    D: Phoebe Berry Mistystone
    D: Posey Petal Mistystone
    D: Daphne Eve Mistystone

    The Whifflewizard Family
    H: Orion Hawk Whifflewizard
    W: Olive Matilda Whifflewizard
    S/S: Ambrosia Ivy Whifflewizard & Helen Dahlia Whifflewizard
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    Family 1:
    H Fennel Finch Winterloop
    W Victoria Plum Winterloop
    D Scarlet Diasy Winterloop
    S/D River Linden Winterloop & Wispa Isolde Winterloop

    Family 2:
    H Oliver North Summerstone
    H Silver Reed Summerstone
    S Oren Fire Summerstone
    S/D August Moss Summerstone & Hope Arianna Summerstone

    Family 3:
    W Petal Lark Morningstar
    H Cyan Kelly Morningstar
    D Sally Joy Morningstar
    S River Ash Morningstar
    D Marigold Fern Morningstar
    S Wilder Grey Morningstar

    Family 4:
    H Orion Hawk Eveningsong
    W Honey Blossom Eveningsong
    S Onyx Fire Eveningsong
    D Hazel Briar Eveningsong

    Family 5:
    W Myrtle Dawn Nightlightning
    W Elma Posey Nightlightning
    S Pippin Oren Nightlightning

    Family 6:
    H Pan Elden Earlybeam
    W Stella Fauna Earlybeam
    D/D Phoebe Lark Earlybeam & Lenora Iris Earlybeam

    Family 7:
    H Robin Storm Moondust
    D Minerva Winter Moondust
    D Isadora Meadow Moondust
    D Melisande Daffodil Moondust

    Family 8:
    H Sparrow Jazz Wildwings
    W Bonnie Autumn Wildwings
    S/S Cypress Zephyr Wildwings & Yarrow Huckelberry Wildwings
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    Family 1: Foxtree
    H: August Bramble Foxtree
    W: Rose Celeste Foxtree
    D: Juniper Skye Foxtree
    S/D: Forest Silver Foxtree/Meadow Scarlet Foxtree

    Family 2: Nightwind
    H: Orion Ash Nightwind
    H: Frost Allegro Nightwind
    S: Indigo Arbor Nightwind
    S/D: Clove Cyan Nightwind/Echo Jade Nightwind

    Family 3: Starfly
    W: Iris Minerva Starfly
    H: Phoenix Sky Starfly
    D: Pearl Isadora Starfly
    S: Storm Sparrow Starfly
    D: Dahlia Ruby Starfly
    S: Thunder Reed Starfly

    Family 4: Rainlily
    H: Zephyr Oak Rainlily
    W: Violet Selena Rainlily
    S: Honey Victoria Rainlily
    D: Fox Mahogany Rainlily

    Family 5: Wildsong
    W: Lucy Lavender Wildsong
    W: Hope Winter Wildsong
    S: Pan Midnight Wildsong

    Family 6: Snowdust
    H: Robin Aspen Snowdust
    W : Guinevere Posey Snowdust
    D/D: Aria Primrose Snowdust/Melody Stella Snowdust

    Family 7: Cloudbeam
    H: River Breeze Cloudbeam
    D: Luna Silver Cloudbeam
    D: May Arianna Cloudbeam
    D: Lark Berry Cloudbeam

    Family 8: Reedglade
    H: Fennel Fire Reedglade
    W: Berry Feather Reedglade
    S/S: Finch Hail Reedglade/Raven Moss Reedglade


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    Family 1: Eveningwit
    Pippin Eveningwit
    Ivy Eveningwit
    Winter Eveningwit
    Whisk & Wispa Eveningwit

    Family 2: Windwhisper
    Ash Windwhisper
    Yarrow Windwhisper
    Flynn Windwhisper
    Orion & Violet Windwhisper

    Family 3: Willowmint
    Fauna Willowmint
    Pine Willowmint
    Fleck Willowmint
    Freesia Willowmint
    Fir Willowmint

    Family 4: Mistlymoon
    River Mistlymoon
    Rose Mistlymoon
    Rowan Mistlymoon
    Ruby Mistlymoon

    Family 5: Greengrass
    Karina Greengrass
    Alessandra Greengrass
    August Greengrass

    Family 6: Goldhazel
    Almond Goldhazel
    Harmony Goldhazel
    Nettle & Magpie Goldhazel

    Family 7: Howlingstone
    Moss Howlingstone
    Matlida Howlingstone
    Ambrosia Howlingstone
    Eglantine Howlingstone

    Family 8: Snowbee
    Finch Snowbee
    Penelope Snowbee
    Clove & Thorn Snowbee
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