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    Angry Still no name for baby girl due early April! Revised name list "Golden Rose"

    I have a revised name list. Can anyone provide any insight on these choices. Sibling is named Ariauna Evette "Silver Eve".

    Rose or Rosette or a Rose variation is to be the middle name. Variations of Rose are welcome as well including a 2nd middle if any for Golden Dawn Rose that would be a nice meaning since her sister is Silver Eve!

    She is due in 9 weeks we still have no name!


    Aurielle Rosette - Golden Rose

    Opaline Rosette - Gemstone for October her sister's birthmonth to tie in something neat. "October Rose" also seen as an orange or gold color.

    Mirielle Rose - Variation of Murielle (I dislike the u) "Star of the Sea Rose" another "Golden Rose" combo.

    Siarra Rosette - Varient of Kiera meaning black "Black Rose" and well I like black roses too! Close to Sierra and she was conceived miles near the Sierra mountains so nice tie in.

    Evalina Rosette - Life/Bird - Eva would be a nick name "Life Rose" which is really nice.

    Coralie Rosette - Red in color in some languages means "fate or destiny". "Destiny's Rose" I got pregnant with her right after a D&C for a loss at 10 weeks, so she could very well be fate and destiny!

    Azalia Rosette - Spring flower "Spring Rose" . Very simple and easy with Spring tie in.

    Livetta or Olivetta Rose - long form and variation of Olivia Liv would be a nick name "Olivia Rose" reminds me of the golden color of olive oil I like to cook a lot

    Katricia/Katrissia Rose- (Ka-tri-cia) Variant of Cathrine meaning Pure and popular variation for trending Katniss. "Purity Rose" and to me purity is white and gold reminds me of something divine!

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    =( anyone out there to help?

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    From your list I really like Mirielle Rose, Evalina Rosette and Coralie Rose. Have you considered Xanthe or Melora? I like Xanthe Rosaline or Melora Rosemarie. Good luck!
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    Coralie Rosette is my favorite. What about Aurelia Rose?
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    I think Coralie is the best of the first names. I'm not totally sold on Rosette.
    Maybe it's a bit Disney, but Briar Rose would be a good double middle name. It also relates back to the name Aurora, which means 'Dawn'.

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