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    Opinions Sought On Newly Discovered Name

    This week I heard a name that was new to me that I just keeping thinking about - Della. I met a young twenty something with this name. Standing alone I might have thought the name too old lady but seeing it on this girl made me realize it is very wearable.

    I think I am intrigued by this name because it has the vintage feel that is so fresh again but is not one of those vintage names that I feel like are being overused right now and will be exhausted again very soon.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Can Della be used alone? If not what are some longer forms? I immediately thought of Adele, but I'd be hesitant to use it because everyone would assume I used the name because of the singer. The other name that could p reduce Della is Adelaide which I don't particularly like and wouldn't use for other reasons.

    2. What are possible MNs? Potential MNs that I like generally are below but I don't know if I like any.

    Kate - too short?
    Mae - family name but again too short with Della?
    Lillian - again a family's name but too many Ls.
    Felicity - family name.
    Patricia - family name
    Therese - another family name
    Madeleine - I have always loved this name but discarded it as a first name because it is too overused but it could work as a middle.
    Camille - like this name.

    Would love to hear any thoughts!
    Mom to two wonderful girls:
    Caroline Cecilia - 4-12-11
    Elise Camille - 1-8-14

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