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    I've never known Della to be a nickname for anything. I grew up with a girl named Della, she's in her mid-20's now. There's also the singer/actress Della Reese.

    One syllable middle names sound fine with Della and I think the only time a name would sound kind of choppy with a one syllable middle is if the first name was one syllable as well. Della Mae is really cute!
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    Oh I love this name! With Ella being so popular, I don't know why Della isn't.
    I do know a middle aged lady named Della.
    Della Kate would make it sound modern and spunky, but I like Della Katherine better.
    It's a bit too long though. I suppose it depends on your last name.
    Della Mae is also really sweet! I love it! Other similar sounding names would work too. Della Rae, Della Kaye, Della Shae.
    None of the other names on your list sound right to me. They are too long. Shorter names are better.
    Della Claire
    Della Faith
    Della Star
    Della Skye
    Della Quinn

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    Della can certainly be used on its own. It was fairly popular around the turn of the century, and especially now with all of the Ella names popular again Della seems ripe for use. It's a pretty name. My only hesitation is that it feels mismatched with Caroline. Caroline Cecilia is elegant and regal; Della, regardless of what middle name you pair it with, will be spunky and just a little bit country.

    Della Felicity or Della Camille are my favorites from the names you listed. Have you considered Della as a nickname for Madeleine?

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    Della Celeste - I like this combo very pretty. Noble and Heavenly

    From your list:

    Della Camille
    Della Mae

    A variation from your list

    Della Maebelle - Noble and Lovable Beauty. Very good qualities! And it lengthens Mae for you.

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    My grandmother's name is Della Mae

    She goes almost exclusively by Della Mae (as sort of a double first). I've always loved it.

    She has a daughter named Della @manda, but @manda is a bit dated now. Just thought I would give my experience with people named Della.

    I'd stick with Della Mae!

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