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    Opinions Sought On Newly Discovered Name

    This week I heard a name that was new to me that I just keeping thinking about - Della. I met a young twenty something with this name. Standing alone I might have thought the name too old lady but seeing it on this girl made me realize it is very wearable.

    I think I am intrigued by this name because it has the vintage feel that is so fresh again but is not one of those vintage names that I feel like are being overused right now and will be exhausted again very soon.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Can Della be used alone? If not what are some longer forms? I immediately thought of Adele, but I'd be hesitant to use it because everyone would assume I used the name because of the singer. The other name that could p reduce Della is Adelaide which I don't particularly like and wouldn't use for other reasons.

    2. What are possible MNs? Potential MNs that I like generally are below but I don't know if I like any.

    Kate - too short?
    Mae - family name but again too short with Della?
    Lillian - again a family's name but too many Ls.
    Felicity - family name.
    Patricia - family name
    Therese - another family name
    Madeleine - I have always loved this name but discarded it as a first name because it is too overused but it could work as a middle.
    Camille - like this name.

    Would love to hear any thoughts!
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    I like Della just the way it is, but you could use Delaney, Adelaide, or Adeline as a longer option.
    Della Camille, Della Madeline, and Della Therese are my faves.

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    I think it would work. It seems to fit well with the "ella" trend, and may come off as an attempt to be unique, but still on trend. It doesn't come off as old lady or vintage to me; comes off as completely modern

    With your middle name options I like Della Mae, Della Felicity, and Della Camille the most.

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    I love Della, as its own name. It has the same feel to be as "Anna," which is a full name. Maybe because it rhymes with Bella, people think it sounds incomplete? I have brought it up on here a few times, with no love for it. I feel like Gretchen in "Mean Girls" trying to make Della happen!

    Della Therese is beyond beautiful!

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    1. I think that Della can definitely be used alone, and would be sweet. I'm a huge fan of sleek, clipped forms of names, and I don't see the point in providing a long formal name that is never used. If Della is what you love, Della is what you should use. If you do decide to use a longer name, here are some suggestions:

    Adonelia (ad-o-NEEL-ya)

    Other names similar to Della that you may like are Nella, Cilla, and Darla.

    2. Della Mae is not too short, and you could actually call her the whole thing all the time if you wanted to! I really like that. My grandma is Anna, middle name Mae, but she has always ALWAYS gone by Anna Mae. People think it's her full first name. If you were so inclined, you could let Della be known as Della Mae. I like all of your other middle names as well, with the exception of Kate which for some reason doesn't sound good to me. Other ideas:

    Della Rosalyn
    Della Rosemaie
    Della Rose
    Della Milena
    Della Corinne
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