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    What do you think about this name?

    Melva, it's a family name (given to my mother who doesn't go by the name to honour her Grandfather Melvin; my Great-Grandfather).

    I like my mother, am not a huge fan of the name just wondering what other people think of it.

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    It's unattractive sounding, and it makes me think of Melba toast. If I was honoring a Melvin, I would choose a different girl's name that started with Mel, like Melinda, or Melanie.
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    To me, Melva is alright. Not a stunning name, but an attractive choice. nn Elva (meaning elf), Ellie, Liv/Livia? are cute. However, if you don't like it, then I wouldn't use. I agree with pp that you could honor your mother with a similar-sounding name. I read a novel with main character Meliara, which I thought sounded magical. You could also use Melva or similar as a middle.

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    I love Elva (see my signature below) but Melva doesn't really quite do it for me.
    I think Melva would be a handsome mn or you could split the name up. Something like Melanie Eva.
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    It has a bit of older charm to it, but it's definitely nms.
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