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    Talking Scandinavian boys that work in the UK and US

    I'm English and my husband is American, so we divide our time between the two and want names that work in both countries - but we also want to honour my husband's Scandinavian heritage.

    Two boys names we have been looking at are
    Nicholas (shortened to Klaus)
    and Caspar (shortened to Cap)

    What do you think of these?

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    Being part Norwegian with a bit of Danish thrown in I have to say those names don't feel very Scandinavian. Sure, they're used over there and are pretty popular, but I don't get a Scandi vibe from them. Nicholas should be spelled Nikolas (and even then it's more German) and Caspar would be Casper, Kasper or Jesper.

    If you want suggestions I'm happy to help!
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    Right up my ally. I love Scandinavian names!
    But I agree with ottilie, the names you have picked out don't really say Scandinavian to me. Not only that, they're a little bit bland and boring when you have so many awesome, striking Scandinavian names out there.
    I would suggest some of the names on my list:
    Always changing...
    Alberta . Hester . Sigrid . Frida . Edwina . Margery . Noelle
    Fergus . Edgar . Gregor . Reuben . Angus . Lucius

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    These names are (for the most) names that are given to babies in Scandinavia now.

    Aksel, Alfred, Amund, Anders, Andreas, Anton, Arild, Arvid, Aslak, Audun, Bendik, Brage, Didrik, Ebbe, Eirik, Eivind, Emil, Erling, Eskil, Espen, Finn, Frode, Geir, Gustav, Henrik, Herman, Ivar/Iver, Jens, Jeppe, Jesper, Jo, Joakim, Johan, Jonas, Jonathan, Jørgen, Kasper, Lavrans, Ludvig, Mads, Magnus, Marius, Martin, Mathias, Mats, Mattis, Melker, Mikkel, Nikolai, Odin, Olle, Sander, Sigurd, Simen, Sindre, Sivert, Sjur, Snorre, Sofus, Sondre, Svante, Sveinung, Sverre, Syver, Tobias, Trym, Ulrik, Valdemar, Vegar, Vetle, Viggo, Vilgot, Wilmer.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Although I think both names are lovely, I too can't see much of a connection with Scandinavia. ottilie made some brilliant suggestions! I think Anders (Andy), Anton, Bendik (Ben), Finn, Gustav (Gus), Jonas, Magnus, Nikolai (Niko) and Tobias (Toby) have the potential to work in both countries.

    I'd also suggest Oscar, Hugo, Leo and Felix- English names that can have a Scandinavian vibe and are quite 'international'. Other English names in their Scandinavian form: Rikard, Edvard, Carl, Fredrik, Jakob, Josef, Tomas... which can have 'English' nicknames.

    Alternatively, you could use Nicholas or Caspar and put a Scandinavian name in the middle:

    Nicholas Anton
    Nicholas Gustav
    Nicholas Willem
    Nicholas Oscar
    Caspar Josef
    Caspar Jonas
    Caspar Nikolas

    Hope this helped

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