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    Middle name Emerald: terrific or trashy!?

    My husband surprised me by saying he really likes Elizabeth Emerald. I'm shocked, since he likes very classic, traditional names. But he agreed the stately Elizabeth can handle a more poetic middle, and this is what he likes.

    I'd love your opinions. Does Emerald have deep-green, fey, whimsical, jewel-toned magic? Or is it as un-lustrous as Diamond and Crystal?

    I want to enhance Elizabeth's regal beauty with a touch of whimsical charm, not destroy it with trashiness.

    Does Emerald work?

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    I used to really love Emerald as a first name...but then a former boyfriend said it sounded trashy. I still like it though.
    Personally I think as a middle name it works well with Elizabeth Emerald. It also combines both your husbands taste in names with your taste, since you like more adventurous names!
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    Well, as i might have mentioned, i love Elizabeth Emerald!

    Despite the fact that they are all gem stones, Emerald is no where even close to the Crystals and Diamonds. And a gem name like Ruby has a different feel again. Or Jade. Or Pearl. I could go on....

    Just as flower names like genteel Rose and kooky Orchid have different feels, not all gem stone names were created equal. Maybe its because i don't know anyone called Emerald, i actually picture the beautiful green, slightly exotic stone rather than a person or just a name. Maybe its because an Emerald is a slightly classier and less obvious stone? I'm not sure. But i know you love it, and you have really good taste, trust yourself! :-)
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    This is so creepy. I was JUST thinking of Emerald last night for a middle name and was trying to talk my husband into it. Why does it seem like you and I are always on the same wavelength?! Last night I was trying to talk my husband into Shyla Emerald, but then woke up today thinking of Essie Emerald instead. I agree with your first description of the name: it is magical. It is a combination of both playful and classy--classy because it is a valued gem and the signature color of whimsical Ireland, playful because it conjures up images of leprechauns and Oz. I adore it. If I didn't have so many people I want to honor with middle names, I would very likely use Emerald in the middle for something. I think it is a perfect choice for your Elizabeth/Betty. Little Betty Em!

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    I think Elizabeth Emerald works very nicely. I agree it's different in feel from Crystal and Diamond, and it's in the middle spot anyway. Nice option!

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