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    Quintuplet Girls - 2 Middle Names!

    So this is like the quintuplet girls game but with two middle names. Using the names posted by the user above you, you keep one name, change the first name of one, change the middle name of one, swap the order of one, and create a new name using the initials.

    With 2 middle names, when you swap them, you can put the names in any order you want.


    Margo Amelia June
    Willa Genevieve Diane
    Susan Lily Caroline
    Daisy Penelope Blythe
    Clara Daphne Julia

    Clara Daphne Julia (kept)
    Willa Adeline Violet (changed MN)
    Catherine Lily Caroline (changed FN)
    Amelia Margo June (swapped)
    Dorothy Philippa Belle (initials)

    OK, First set of names to use!!

    Sabrina Audrey Catherine
    Fiona Marigold Ruth
    Matilda Ivy Isadora
    Rosemary Amelia Wren
    Stella Vivian Pearl

    Ready set go!
    Daisy Adela, Beatrix Mary Francesca, Cecily Delphine, Rosemary Juno, Georgiana Esme, Edith Lark, Susanna Ruby, Clementine Joanna, Marigold Amelia, Wren Vivian, Viola Penelope, Rowenna Scarlett

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