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    Victorian- Create a family!

    Surname- Ashdown, Beechworth, Stanbury, Kenward, Whittlock or Seymour
    DF (50)- FN & MN- Albert, Archibald, Clement, Julian, Eugene, Frederick, Jonathan, Victor, Vincent, Hugh & Harold (Job- Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Banker, Shop owner, Factory owner, Merchant)
    DM (40)- FN & MN- Blanche, Constance, Edith, Harriet, Winifred, Patience, Francesca & Josephine
    DS1 (21)- FN & MN- Cedric, Evan, Ivan, Joseph, Jasper, Louis, Oliver, Reuben, Theodore
    DD1 (17)- FN & MN- Adelaide, Beatrice, Cordelia, Ethel, Helena, Honor & Henrietta.
    DD2 (11)- FN & MN- Clementina, Elsie, Mabel, Daisy, Freda, Sylvia & Gwendolyn.
    DS2 (8)- FN & MN-Arthur, Oscar, Cornelius, Edward, Edmund, Felix, George, Leopold, Maxwell, Timothy
    DD3 (3)- FN & MN- Alice, Cecilia, Annie, Emmeline, Eveline, Florence & Flora.

    Butler- Alfred, Basil, Bernard, Franklin, Herbert, Philip, Roger & Rupert (LN: Lynch, Devitt or Sinnett)
    Cook/Chef- Agatha, Freda, Augusta, Eugenie, Phyllis, Priscilla (LN: Brewer, Ashmore or Halbard)
    Lady's Maid- Marguerite, Marjorie, Victoria, Caroline, Norah, Mary (LN: Highmore, Kaylock or Baldwin)
    Governess- Kathleen, Julia, Louise, Margaret, Mildred, Susannah (LN: Chattoway, Wakefield or Whiston)
    Nurse/Nanny (27)- Elizabeth, Clarissa, Rose, Georgina, Phoebe & May (LN: Goodwin, Hayward or Hopkin)
    House Maid- Lydia, Rosetta, Selina, Ruby, Tabitha, Theodora, Violet (LN: Dosett, Wraith or Younger)
    Between Maid- Ivy, Matilda, Mercy, Martha, Olive, Prudence, Iris (LN: Gunn, Hawk or Weston)
    Scullery Maid (9)- Jemima, Grace, Isabel, Amelia, Charlotte, & Millicent (LN: Same as the Nanny's Last Name)

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    DH [50] Frederick Hugh Whittlock [Doctor]
    DW [40] Harriet Josephine {Seymour} Whittlock

    DS [21] Jasper Theodore Whittlock
    DD [17] Beatrice Adelaide Whittlock
    DD [11] Mabel Gwendolyn Whittlock
    DS [8] Maxwell Edward Whittlock
    DD [3] Cecilia Florence Whittlock


    Butler: Philip Franklin Lynch
    Cook/Chef: Priscilla Augusta Ashmore
    Lady’s Maid: Caroline Mary Baldwin
    Governess: Julia Margaret Wakefield
    Nurse/Nanny: Phoebe Elizabeth Goodwin [27]
    House Maid: Lydia Ruby Wraith
    Between Maid: Matilda Iris Weston
    Scullery Maid: Grace Millicent Goodwin [9]
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    DF (50): Julian Hugh Whittlock (Banker)
    DM (40)- Patience Francesca Whittlock

    DS1 (21): Ivan Cedric Whittlock
    DD1 (17): Honor Ethel Whittlock
    DD2 (11): Daisy Gwendolyn Whittlock
    DS2 (8): Cornelius Maxwell Whittlock
    DD3 (3): Annie Flora Whittlock

    Butler: Herbert Basil Sinnett
    Chef: Priscilla Eugenie Ashmore
    Lady's Maid: Marguerite Victoria Highmore
    Governess: Susannah Louise Whiston
    Nurse (27): Clarissa May Hopkin
    House Maid: Violet Theodora Younger
    Between Maid: Mercy Prudence Gunn
    Scullery Maid (9): Charlotte Jemima Hopkin

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    LN: Stanbury

    DF (50): Albert Frederick {job: lawyer}
    DM (40): Edith Josephine

    DS1 (21): Louis Theodore
    DD1 (17): Cordelia Beatrice
    DD2 (11): Mabel Sylvia
    DS2 (8): Leopold Felix
    DD3 (3): Alice Cecilia



    Butler: Bernard Philip (LN: Lynch)
    Cook: Eugenie Augusta (LN: Ashmore)
    Lady’s Maid: Caroline Norah (LN: Baldwin)
    Governess: Julia Katherine Louise (LN: Chattoway)
    Nurse/Nanny (27): Rose Elizabeth (LN: Goodwin)
    Housemaid: Lydia Violet (LN: Young)
    Between Maid: Olive Prudence (LN: Weston)
    Scullery Maid (9): Amelia Charlotte Millicent (LN: Goodwin)

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    LN: Stanbury

    DF[50] Archibald FrederickArchie” (lawyer)
    DM[40] Josephine EdithJosie
    DS1[21] Theodore Joseph
    DD1[17] Cordelia AdelaideCora
    DD2[11] Elsie Clementina
    DS2[8] Edmund Arthur
    DD3[3] Cecilia FlorenceCelia

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