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    Emelie Rosalie Grace (changed mn)
    Florence Rhiannon Elise (initials)
    Lilou Patience Eve (kept)
    Penelope Nicole Adelle (swapped)
    Juliette Posey Jane (changed fn)
    Isaac, Asher, Marcus, Nathan, Ezra, Josiah, Matthew, Thomas, Noah, Bodhi, Arlo, Atticus, Dillon, Viggo
    January, Aster, Ianthe, Story, Luna, Engla, Mairi, Nola, Winter, Olive, Violet, Rhiannon, Astoria, Autumn, Victoria, Elena, Eilidh, Etta, Eva, Jani, Coraline, Lilian

    (> <) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world domination

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    Jul 2009
    Penelope Nicole Adelle (kept)
    Rhiannon Elise Florence (swapped)
    Juliette Eloisa Laurel (changed MN)
    Lilia Rosalie Grace (changed FN)
    Lennox Piper Emelia (initials)
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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    Oct 2012
    Plumeria Noa Alice (initials)
    Rhiannon Florence Elise (swapped)
    Juliette Perry Anaïs (changed mn)
    Suvi Rosalie Grace (changed fn)
    Lennox Piper Emelia (kept)

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    Jun 2012
    Alice Plumeria Noa (swapped)
    Rhiannon Katya Brooke (changed MN)
    Juliette Perry Anais (kept)
    Saoirse Rosalie Grace (changed FN)
    Larisa Pauline Everley (initials)
    I don't have or want any kids. I just love names!

    Top 10: Andrea, Chelsea, Tara, Brooke, Alexandra, Nathaniel, Cody, Grant, Alexander, Graham

    I also love Russian and Irish names, as well as the names of many cities and countries.

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    Oct 2012
    Imogen Plumeria Noa (changed fn)
    Rhiannon Illyria Lumi (changed mn)
    Perry Anaïs Juliette (swapped)
    Saoirse Rosalie Grace (kept)
    Lena Petal Eve (initials)

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