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    What is it with people and using last names as first names

    Especially in america. i don't understand. Doesn't it look terrible with your last name? you are driving me batty..... I suppose Lincoln is nice but the others... (do you even use the term 'batty'....:???: )

    When did it start though? is it mainly an american thing?(if it's traditonal there then i may be won over)(Avery is more a first name i think, where i live it has been forever i think)

    (Err.. also in britain we say things like that(makes me batty) but we don't really actually mean it)

    And the victorians don't count they had really weird names.... like 'angel'(works in the book only...) Mortimer, Bradley,Lawrence, and a Sidney have been used for a long time(here) so they don't really fit in this conversation.
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    Who really knows why trends start? They've been fairly common for boys as a way to honor the mother's maiden name, or another beloved family member who had a different surname. In the south, they've been used for girls for a very long time, usually as a double barrel with a more commonly recognized feminine name like Ann. I'm not a huge fan of the trend, and would probably only use a surname as a first name if it was family honoring.
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    Why do you like the names you like? Surnamey names appeal to people on a certain level, just like names you like appeal to you on a certain level. They're not categorically terrible or awful. Some of them (like Bennett and Sullivan) are quite stylish right now (and not in a bad-trendy way).

    Surnamey names are very dear to my heart, I've just always loved them. Sometimes they have meaning (to me, those would be Grayson and Avery), and some of them I just like because I just like the name. We all have different naming styles, we all find different names appealing, but honestly, just because some of my favorites are surnames and yours aren't--it doesn't make you (or anyone else) any better than me. Or worse. Just different. And no, Grayson [surname] doesn't look bad. I don't even understand that point really--as long as the flow doesn't sound bad (like Grayson Hudson or whatever), why would it be bad?

    And honestly, I don't understand your "batty" comment, either--why does it even matter? I can appreciate trying to understand the appeal in surnamey names if that isn't really your style, but why attack the style in general? Why let it bother you? People appreciate different styles of names, why should we all like the names you like? That would be a boring world. If I named my son Grayson, Spencer, or Avery, it's not like I'm doing a huge disservice to my son. In fact, I wouldn't consider it a disservice at all. I mean, yes, I do believe names matter, they create an impression. They can enhance your appearance on your resume, they can make you stand out from a crowd. But it's just a name. It's not everything. It's not like I'm interested in naming my son Sexual-Orgy Johnson or something.

    And yes, I do realize I'm blowing this way out of proportion, and probably venting a bit too much, but the idea that surnames as given names is bad just blows my mind. It's a style of names, just like loving Jasper, Frederick, August, and Henry is a different style of names.
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    I agree with ashthedreamer entirely.
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    I'm so over the anti-surnames-as-first-names parade. Please read this and know why this argument is moot:

    *Paying specific attention to the bit on how many first names are derived from surnames.
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