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Thread: Smith

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    I like it! I remember that a Christian singer used that exact combo a while back--I think it was Bebo Norman? That might not mean anything to you, haha; I just remember seeing it already. Just means it's a good combo!

    As for using Smith... I like it, as a FN, especially since it was my grandfather's surname (he had no real FN or MN, just two initials, so he was either L.B. or he was Smitty). I think the nn Smitty is super cute and I love the idea of using it in honor of my grandparents. However, I don't really like it as a MN (too surnamey, imo--something like Everett Smith Richmond sounds like a double-barrel surname with no MN instead of a whole combo), and I don't love it enough to use it as a FN. If I found the right combo I MIGHT use it as a second MN, something like Charles Elliot Smith [Surname] or something. Although I don't like that combo very much so I wouldn't use it. haha. But I would love to see someone else with a little Smith! I also know of someone else who used Smith Elisha--I thought that was a pretty cool combo, too.
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    Thanks for all of the feedback. I hadn't considered Smitty as the nn though I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing though I think Smith seems short enough where not sure Smitty would be inevitable but perhaps. I do think Smith is a handsome name personally and although I like North it just doesn't give me the same feeling but thank you so much for the suggestion. I am not currently pregnant but hope to be in the next couple of years and as a name nerd I am always thinking I'm sure you all understand! My other children are Edie and Isaac

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    Love it!!!!
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    it will always remind me of Smith from Sex and theCity..Samantha made that name up by the way. I knew a cat named Smith. Unless it is a family surname with some meaning, I think it is ridiculous.

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    Yes, I am aware of Sex and the City but the name isn't exclusive to that show (as clearly Samantha didn't make up that name) or, to a cat that you happen to know but I did ask so thanks for the feedback...

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