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Thread: Smith

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    Well i grew up in a small town where tons of families shared that as a surname, so that's almost all i can see it as :/ however, i was an aid in the middle school last year and there was a boy's first name was actually Smith. I thought it was a cool name, and different to see it in the fn slot...unfortunately, his full name was along the lines of Smith Weston Farris...sounds so much like a lawfirm or a funeral home, which i felt took away from the coolness of having Smith as a first name.

    I personally wouldn't use it for my own child but i don't think there's anything wrong with it..I'd call it usable....and i don't think there is much teasing potential for it either, which is a plus. Smith Everett is a great name
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    I don't think it's unusable, and Smith Everett doesn't sound bad, I just think it sounds so plain and boring.
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    I think Smith is an excellent boys name. I think it's a string classic last name that sounds fresh as a first name.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback. I am really liking Smith. I liked it awhile ago then dismissed it as too plain/out-there all at once but it has grown on me again and I am seriously considering it

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    I like it!

    I think its such a fresh first name choice!
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