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    What kind of names do you like? Off the top of my head I think these work.
    Sarah Patricia
    Leah Patricia
    Ivy Patricia
    Rachel Patricia
    Lauren Patricia
    Ava Patricia
    Maisie Patricia
    Gwendolyn Patricia
    Jocelyn Patricia

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    Maeve Patricia Garris
    Blythe Patricia Garris
    Eve Patricia Garris
    Simone Patricia Garris
    Faith Patricia Garris
    Fiona Patricia Garris
    Zoe Patricia Garris
    Amelia Patricia Garris
    Camille Patricia Garris
    Lila Patricia Garris
    Leona Patricia Garris
    Ivy Patricia Garris
    Noelle Patricia Garris
    Gianna Patricia Garris
    Camelia Patricia Garris
    Cecelia Patricia Garris

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    Catherine, Sarah, and Lauren are all family names! Wonderful I have a BIG family, though, and it's nice to hear which names flow nicely to your ears.

    Violet is a personal name love of mine but my SO has said it sounds like violent. Bummer. I like the suggestions of Genevieve Patricia and Gwendolyn Patricia the best so far. I also like Molly Patricia & Edie Patricia. Winslow, Sage, & Zoe are also cool. I like Pearl as a name but Pearl Patricia Garris sounds weird to me. Leah Patricia or Lane Patricia are pretty but would they feel plain? My SO and I both loved the name Ava until we realized how popular it was.

    I appreciate your suggestions! My style is probably leaning away from super traditional but I don't want to get too crazy. I wouldn't want the name to be unbalanced or made up. Nothing too popular but still pretty. The cadence & flow of the name is really important to me.

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    I like Ivy Patricia, too. Leona Patricia, Simone Patricia, Blythe Patricia, & Maeve Patricia all stand out from your list, judyariel.

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    Some of my suggestions are
    Saskia Patricia
    Elodie Patricia
    Amelie Patricia

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