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Thread: Castiel??

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    I think it's a little too obvious and a little too fannish. There is no such angel as Castiel, the name was made up for Supernatural. So it doesn't actual mean anything.

    My opinion is probably colored by the fact that I despise him, but it just seems kind of tacky regardless, sorry.
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    Castiel is an absolutely amazing character. Unfortunately, his name was just made up for the show, and if you use it that will be the first thing that comes to mind for most people (like naming your child Frodo or Aragorn, Cersei or Danaerys). If you're okay with that, and with the occasional "rabid fangirl" comments, I'd say go for it, because it's a beautiful name tied to a rich character. If you're not okay with that, there is a "real" angel named Cassiel...he's the angel of solitude and tears, and some places list him among the seven archangels.

    My husband and I love Castiel...He is one of the inspirations for one of our top boy names, Caspian, which will give us the nickname Cas.
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    Lol well there would be no doubt of not being a fan! lol im a superfan!! lol have all the seasons on dvd! :/ love love love!

    My partners suggested it as he did with our son baileys name.. i think for mty kids names it would most defo go!

    But where i live i doubt many ppl would associate it with that show.. so i could be ok!

    Just all talks atm! not actually preg or anything yet.. lol

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    I agree with pp's that Castiel is very tied to the show for all aforementioned reasons.
    But considering that you already have a Bailey and Liberty, I think Castiel would sound great int he sib-set. (unless you want another -y ending). And if you are a die-hard fan and everyone knows it anyway, what does it matter if they know the name is a version of Cassiel created for the show?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    My husband and I love Castiel...He is one of the inspirations for one of our top boy names, Caspian, which will give us the nickname Cas.
    I am irrationally happy that I'm not the only person who loves a Cas name for this reason.

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