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    I really like the name Hamza (can also be spelled Hamzah) which means strong or steadfast. There is an adorable little Hamza in my son's swimming class.

    I also like Rafiq (kind, friend) and Hassan (beautiful, handsome).

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    I really like Malik and Tariq
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    I once dated a Persian named Cyrus, named after the King of Persia. I always loved his name, and now it seems to be getting a bit more popular lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    I love Ilyas! Thank you.
    Ilyas is the Arabic form of Elias, and is used exclusively by Christians. It's one of the top 4-5 Christian names.

    Hamza is very, very old-fashioned (like the butt of jokes old-fashioned).

    Cyrus is awesome but in Farsi it's Khoroush.
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    Ebrahim (Iranian form of Abraham)
    Ihab ("gift")
    Salim ("safe")
    Wasi ("broad-minded, learned")
    Bastiaan (a version of Sebastian used in the Caribbean)
    Lamar (comes from Old French, used in the Caribbean but would probably translate well on the Iranian side - and by that I mean phonetically as I don't know what it might mean!)
    Jelani ("mighty" Swahili)
    Obi ("heart" Igbo)
    Udo ("peace" Igbo)
    Aristu (Iranian version of Aristotle,"best purpose") - emphasis is on the first syllable i *think*, AYR-iss-tu (?)
    Javed ("eternal", Persian)

    She does have a great wealth of names to draw on! I find African & Arabic names to be some of the most beautiful in both sound & meaning. Congratulations to her!
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