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    ABCs of Adoption - Part I - Girls

    You, you generous and kind-hearted soul, have so much love and nurturing to give that you've decided to adopt not 1, not 2, but 26 (yes, that's right - 26!) bouncing baby girls in need of a good home. Wow, you're going to have your hands full. But before you can begin your absurdly fictional task of raising 26 little ladies, you must name them.

    Use the letters of the alphabet in ascending order (A, B, C, etc.) for first names and the letters of the alphabet in descending order (Z, Y, X, etc.) for middle names. When all is said and done, you will have two names per letter - one first name and one middle name for each - and your list will look a little something like this:

    Amber Zaria
    Bethany Yvette
    Courtney Xena

    And so on and so forth... Clearly some letters will be more challenging than others so be creative and have fun! If boys names are more your fancy, or you'd like to try both, check out Part II, the boys names version, here.
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    Alula Zadie
    Birdie Ysabel
    Coraline Xanthe
    Dottie Wednesday
    Eloise Vesper
    Felicity Ula
    Ginger Thessaly
    Hatsy Samara
    India Rue
    Juniper Quarry
    Kitty Penelope
    Lucille Oriole
    Marigold Nell
    Nory Marcheline
    Ottilie Lou
    Poet Kiara
    Queen Juliet
    Rosamund Isaline
    Story Hermione
    Thora Gray
    Uli Florence
    Victoire Eleanora
    Winona Dahlia
    Xiamara Clarice
    Yamina Beatrix
    Zenobia Adelaide
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